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According to the 2012 Countrywide Statistics Business office (NSO) Study, an estimated 2 . 2 million Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) are in another country. Undeniably, Korea is one of the countries in which lack of employment is a regular problem that is why many Filipino migrants take risks and settle abroad for labor as their method of improving their lives and gaining fresh learning experience. In fact , the number of Filipinos who have work overseas continue to boost as the years go by. Various moves throughout different countries for the sake of better job options, higher wages, good activities, and a getaway from low income, but along this is the fact that many children are being put aside by a single one or both of their parents. According to Fernando (1997) as mentioned in the book of Carandang (1987), parents play an essential role within an adolescent's existence. The family members as regarded as by the adolescents as a central part of all their lives who have the major helping role according to the adolescents' socialization to others. In accordance to de la Garza (2010) when youngsters are left behind they may be more vulnerable to psychological and emotional tension, feelings of abandonment, and low self-esteem, which my own result to destruction of the infant's overall health and wellness and patterns of socialization. Adolescents are prone to changes and adjustments which have been mostly correspond with distressing thoughts such as stress, confusion and uncertainty. Additionally, adolescents encounter problems and conflicts because they rationalize their particular relationships with the parents, colleagues, and reverse sex (Carandang, 1987). For this reason , parental absenteeism causes the youth to choose their peers not just for friendship however for nurturing, security, and assistance (Cortes, 2007). There have been several studies that examined the impact of labor migration. Yet , the changes around the sense of family responsibility among teenagers and the degree to which consider that they ought to support, value, and give assistance back to their parents and families are generally not clear. Philippine families end up with a collectivistic positioning that remarks family members' responsibilities and obligations to each other. Cultures which has a collectivistic orientation highlight the goals and interests from the crew over those of individual associates. A collectivist's association along with his or her in-groups might last a lifetime mainly because group a harmonious relationship is so very valued (Triandis, 1995). This tradition of familism plays a significant part in the lives of the kids in these households, especially as they enter a teenager period (Fuligni & Pedersen, 2002). A report by Fuligni, Tseng and Lam (1999), showed that adolescents by immigrant families do place more importance on helping their families throughout their lives than their particular nonimmigrant counterparts. Thus it truly is within this framework that the researchers wanted to examine the ramifications of work migration and as well as to explain the changes in expectations regarding family commitments among left-behind children of Overseas Philippine Workers. Report on Related Literature

This section relates to the literary works and studies that are tightly related to the topic beneath investigation. They can be presented beneath the following titles: 1) Labor Migration, 2) Family Requirements, and 3) Left-behind Kids of OFWs Labor Immigration

Overseas Philippine Workers (OFWs) are known for their gallantry. They are considered the economic buyers of the nation. As modern-day national heroes, it is an important factor to look at the effects of their labor migration on their children (Yap, 2008). Comprehending the impact of labor immigration on children left behind requires indulging deeper on the triggers and the good reason that these father and mother left intended for labor (Yeoh, 2007). Crises like the lack of work opportunities, lack of employment, and low income that were experienced by most Filipinos push them to venture job chances abroad. Research shows that in the...

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