Unit 3 Task 1 Video Summary 1

 Unit a few Assignment 1 Video Brief summary 1 Composition


Unit 3 Assignment one particular: Video Summary 1

Larry Pfaff


ITT Technical Company

Ms. Pritchard

Ports and Connectors

Serial - physical interface to communicate

Seite an seite - physical interface intended for parallel communication

Game slots - out of date

NIC Network Interface Card

Converts parallel communication to serial

Uses RJ45


Slowest interconnection = changes analog to digital and digital to analog Uses RJ11

Online video 2 types of output

D-type 12-15 pin (3 rows) – analog

DVI Digital Aesthetic Interface

S-video round 4 or six pins links TV

USB Universal Dramon Bus

Popular swappable, replacing older serial and seite an seite ports

USB1, Transfer doze Mbps cable connection 3 meters

USB2, transfer 480 Mbps wire 5 metres

Max contacts 127 simultaneous

A-connector to computer

B-connector to system

SCSI - Most common

Narrow 50 flag type A

Wide 68 pin type P

IEEE 1394 – Firewire

Uses Serial

Fast, hot swappable

Mainly for buffering media

May possibly replace SCSI


Monitors -- a device used to display an image from some type of computer CRT- (Cathode Ray Tube)

LCD- (Liquid Ravenscroft Display)

Native Promises

XGA 1024X768

SXGA 1280X1024

UXGA 1600X1200

WUXGA 1920X1200

Online video Busses

AGP slot

PCI Express slot- twice as quickly as AGP.

Computer printers Hardware

Most Common Printer Types

Dot Matrix

Impact Printing device using clusters of buy-ins to affect inked bows, used to print multi-part forms,

tractor feed system,

gradual and raucous - newspaper jams frequent threat.


Energy Bubble

uses high temperature to pressure ink through nozzle.

Piezoelectric Technology –

uses electric powered charge to force tattoo through nozzle

Requires special newspaper.

Provides a four color system CYMB (cyan, discolored, magenta, black)

Laser –


6 steps in the laser printing process

Cleaning - clears toner coming from drum and leaves drum with neutral charge. Fitness - applies -600 v to trommel.

Writing - lazer " writes” image towards the drum. Graphic is -100 volts Growing - toner is used in the image.

Transferring – toner is definitely transferred to absolutely charged paper Fusing -- rollers apply heat and pressure to melt toner onto page. Troubleshooting common problems with Lazer printers

Totally white web page – webpage not maintaining strong great charge Entirely black site – Trommel not maintaining strong confident change Running on the web page – Likely low toner

Flakey or brittle print out on page

Fuser is usually not hot enough

Fuser is not applying enough pressure

Garbled text – incorrect new driver

Printer Interfaces:

thirty eight Pin centronics at printing device

25 Pin Parallel at computer



wireless connections

802. 11


Wireless bluetooth.

Bettering printer efficiency

Add more memory

Approach or erase graphics

Reduced the resolution

Print Spooler

Frees operating system, allows multi tasking

Sends the print job towards the print for a

A list of print jobs holding out to be printed

Stores printed job in memory


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