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SET I actually

Time: several hrs. Max. marks: 70 General Instructions 1 . Your concerns are required. 2 . Problem paper contains 30 queries divided into 5 Sections A, B, C and D. Section A comprises of ten questions of just one mark every single. Section W comprises of five questions of two marks each. Section C comprises of ten questions of three marks every single and Section D consists of five queries of 6th marks every. 3. Your concerns in Section A should be answered more simply, one word or in accordance with the exact requirement of the question. some. There is no overall choice. Nevertheless , internal choice has been offered in one issue of two marks every single, three queries of 3 represents each and two queries of six marks every single. You have to attempt only one with the alternatives in most such concerns. 5. In question on development, drawings needs to be neat and as per the given measurements. 6. Use of calculator is not really permitted. However , you may ask for mathematical table. Section THE 1. Write the state to be satisfied by queen so that a rational quantity q includes a terminating decimal expansion. 2 . The amount and merchandise of the zeroes of a quadratic polynomial will be – 1 2

and possess the same height. What is the ratio inside their volumes? A 7. Inside the given physique, DE is parallel Deb E to BC and AD = 1 centimeter, BD sama dengan 2 cm. What is precisely the area of DABC for the area of DADE? B C 8. Inside the figure provided below, PA and PB will be tangents for the circle sucked from an external stage P. DISC is a third tangent pressing the ring at Q. If PB = 10 cm, and CQ sama dengan 2 cm, what is the length of PC? C P Queen D W A

on the lookout for. Cards every marked with one of the figures 4, five, 6,..., 20 are placed in a box and mixed thoroughly. One greeting card is driven at random through the box. What is the likelihood of getting an even prime amount? 10. A student draws a cumulative regularity curve pertaining to the markings obtained by simply 40 registrants of a class, because shown beneath. Find the median marks obtained by students of the students.


and –3 respectively. What is the qua-

dratic polynomial? several. For what value of e the quadratic equation x2 – kx + some = 0 has similar roots. four. Given that bronze θ = cosec a couple of θ − sec two θ. cosec 2 θ + securities and exchange commission's 2 θ 1, what is the value of five

Section B 11. Devoid of drawing the graphs, point out whether the following pair of thready equations will represent intersecting lines, coincident lines or parallel lines: 1

five. Which term of the pattern 114, 109, 104,.... is a first bad term? six. A cylinder, a cone and a hemisphere are of equivalent base

Math 6x – 3y & 10 sama dengan 0 two times – con + being unfaithful = 0 Justify your answer. 12. Without using trigonometric tables, locate the value of cos 70 um + cos 57o cos ec33o − 2 cos 60 um sin twenty o

postpone of achievement beyond some date as follows: Rs. two hundred for Ist naturlich day, Rs. 250 to get second day time, Rs. three hundred for third day and so forth. If the service provider pays Rs. 27750 while penalty, find the number of days for which the development work can be delayed. 20. Prove that: one particular + cos A bad thing A + = 2cosecA sin A ONE + cos A

13. Find a point on the y-axis which is equidistant from the details A(6, 5) and B(– 4, 3). 14. In the figure provided below, AC is parallel to BD. Is A E D B C

OR Prove that:

sin A + cos A trouble A в€’ cos A 2 & = bad thing A в€’ cos A sin A + cos A bad thing 2 A в€’ cos 2 A

AE DE =? Justify your answer. CE BECOME

21. Observe the graph provided below and express whether triangle ABC can be scalene, isosceles or equilateral. Justify the answer. Likewise find the area.

15. A tote contains 5 red, 8 green and 7 white colored balls. One particular ball is drawn randomly from the tote, find the probability of having (i) a white ball or a green ball. (ii) neither a green ball nor a red ball. OR PERHAPS One cards is drawn from a well shuffled deck of 52 homemade cards. Find the probability of having (i) a non-face credit card (ii) A black california king or a reddish colored queen. Section C of sixteen. Using Euclid's division algorithm, find the HCF of 56, ninety six and 404. OR Prove that 3 в€’ 5 is usually an reasonless number. 17. If two zeroes in the polynomial...

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