Touch screen functionality by individuals with and without motor control disabilities

 Touch screen overall performance by individuals with and without engine control disabilities Essay

п»їTouch screen overall performance by individuals with and without electric motor control problems For my seminar conventional paper i have picked a topic that relates to most of us and it is quite important for understanding highly scientific developed world in which all of us live today. It is also relevant to a social sciences and our research about human resources menagament made up of different methods and ways to employ people. I am going to speak about Touch screen functionality by people with and without electric motor control afflictions. In my opinion the primary important on this research is that these results may help to improve convenience of touch technology. First of all, I would like to discuss touch technology, which is progressively more important as operation improves and cost diminishes. Therefore , it is important that this technology is accessible to users with diverse capabilities. That is why i possess chosen this kind of topic which in turn also includes impaired ones. The research included four-digit entry job as the picture shows all of us:

The objective of this kind of study was going to investigate the effects of button and gap size on efficiency by people who have different motor unit abilities. В What the research talked about, as we may se on the pictures, was that в–єmisses and errors decrease as key size raises.

(1. And 2 . Picture is exhibiting us just what i have mentioned before. Lighter series shows non disabled ones and deeper line is good for those with distinct motor disssabilities. Dissabled types had more misses because butten size decreses, than non impaired ones. ) The second getting is that

в–є Space size did not have a significant effect on efficiency. And the last one is that

в–є Handicapped participants got more mistakes and does not show for, and necessary more time to complete duties than non-disabled users. (1., 2 ., and 3. Picture; the last passage is showing us average time which is required to total task. As we can see, the disabled ones needed more hours to finnish their exrcise than low disabled ones)...

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