Spanish Quesadilla

 Spanish Quesadilla Essay

Katie Nguyen

Period 7

The Quesadilla

The Quesadilla is a very popular food both dished up in the US and other Spanish speaking countries. The quesadilla works well with many diverse ingredients and each has its own type. For example , in Mexico, a quesadilla can be served using a corn little torta and 1 / 2 filled with cheese and it is melted. In the northeastern part of Mexico, the quesadillas are like dairy products tacos. Likewise, El Nazareno has its own type of the quesadilla. Usually the Salvadoran quesadilla is like a dessert enjoyed with caffeine. The ingredients fantastic simple and could be made about anytime. Quesadillas have many different styles and can be of anybody using their own flavors. Quesadillas came from form imperialiste Mexico and is the The spanish language word pertaining to cheese queso. Quesadillas are generally made with tortillas and filled up with mainly parmesan cheese. Other ingredients include various meat and fresh vegetables could be added. The tortilla is moderately dewrinkled and the mozzarella cheese is melted. Sometimes salsa can be added and that usually is available in a triangle shape. Many early Indigenous Mexicans did not own ovens, so that they had to steam the quesadillas. They would put meat covered with leaves and boil it. Baking was likewise another approach to eat quesadillas. Even though quesadillas were originated from Mexico, it can be shared to several parts of the earth, including the Us. A true quesadilla is made with zaman dough. This is prepared from maize blanco and is dried out with limewater. This was passed on from the Mayan, Aztecs after which brought to Mexico. In the 15th century, if the Spanish conquistadors arrived to the New World. The Spanish gave the identity quesadilla to the food this means little pathetic things to this delicious dish. As such, quesadillas were a blend of Old Universe tradition and New World foods. Chicken quesadillas is also a classic World food introduced to South america by Spanish settler inside the 16th 100 years. Cheese is likewise an Old World food. I believe, there are many great places to...

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