The Role of Irony in "The Pardoner's Tale"

 The Position of Paradox in «The Pardoner’s Tale» Essay

Geoffrey Chaucer's " The Canterbury Tales” is actually a collection of reports told by fictional personas who are on a journey. " The Pardoner's Tale” is told with a pardoner touring with the group. He pretends to be a sincere man intent on the solution of others. However , he admits outright that he is a very greedy man and is just in it for riches. In the story the pardoner tells, paradox is greatly used. Spoken irony, situational irony, and dramatic irony are all utilized by Chaucer to improve the communication of the tale as well as keep your reader interested. Chaucer uses verbal paradox to reveal the extremely hypocritical mother nature of his characters. The best example of this is often found in the Pardoner him self. In the prologue, he says " Radix malorum est cupiditas. ” This is Latin for " Avarice is definitely the root of every evil. ” There is no way the Pardoner believes this, for he is an extremely greedy man, nevertheless sees zero evil about what he is performing. Therefore , this is a prime example of verbal irony. The entire concept of the Pardoner's story is a exact contrary of what he himself believes. In the story the pardoner tells, a great example of verbal irony is the moment one of the Rioters says " My word. I won't betray you. I'll be true. ” This arises mere occasions after the same Rioter promised the exact same point to the Youngest, who they are conspiring to get rid of. Another sort of Irony in the tale can be when the Most youthful tells the apothecary " Sell me some toxic if you will, I have a lots of rats I have to kill. ” He naturally does not mean rodents, but his fellow Rioters. He shows his declaration as if this individual has to get rid of some bothersome pests, when he really wants to kill his siblings. Verbal irony is used in " The Pardoner's Tale” in order to reveal the hypocritical personalities of his personas, as well as to present some laughter for someone. Chaucer uses situational paradox in order to keep you interested in the story. An example occurs at the beginning of the debut,...

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