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The Container Store 19.08.2019
 The Pot Store Analysis Paper

The Container Store

•What mindset strategies does The Container Retail outlet use to keep employees effective and pleased?

The Container Retail store principally uses the Maslow hierarchy of needs, this theory covers of an agreement of five fundamental needs (physiological, safety, sociable, esteem and self-actualization needs) that motivate behavior. (Jones & George, 2007, pp. 330).

1)Physiological Needs: The Box Store searches for satisfy this need in proving employees with a good income so they can afford food, normal water and refuge. 2)Safety Needs: the company gives employees having a pleasant labor environment based upon integrity, honesty and available communication to attain an mental secure. 3)Social Needs: to be able to employees may feel themselves loved, approved and part of the group, The Container Retail outlet tries to make a family atmosphere where every person cares about the other person. 4)Esteem Requires: employees need the recognition and appreciation because of their performance to be able to feel good with themselves, and so the company perform recognize their effort continuously. 5)Self-actualization Demands: The Container Stores delivers empowerment to employees and so they have the chance to think and decision making, with this the organization tries to reach the full potential of their staff.

Employees with the Container Store are truly happy since the company actively seeks motivating and inspiring them, this way everybody is the winner, because personnel are really pleased with their jobs and organization achieve their goals.

•How does the program convey the opinions of the top managing about their staff?

Essentially, above all the theories installed in practice, The Container Store's top and successful management is the end result of a well-used empowerment, solid values, a cross schooling and open communication.

Furthermore, The Container Shop not only fulfills their employees' needs, although also they actually all the necessary to exceed employee's expectations.


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