Swot Analysis of Jet Green

 Swot Analysis of Fly Blue Composition


Strong points

JetBlue get its durability from the next:

Strong Company

JetBlue is known as as a solid brand well regarded among the people of US. JetBlue was called the number one U. S.  domestic airline by Coned Nast Traveler magazine's " Readers' Decision Awards” intended for the 6 years within a row. This strengthen peoples' trust to JetBlue and improves you can actually brand name and credibility amongst its clientele and rivals.

Unique traveling by air experience

JetBlue offers a new flying knowledge but by a very low priced. They abide by their provider's goal opinion which is bringing " Mankind Back to Air travel”. That follows the low cost approach of Southwest Airlines although differentiate on its own by facilitating customer with entertainment products. They give exclusive flying experience by providing new aircraft, basic low deals, leather seating, free live TV each and every seat, pre-assigned seatings, reliable performance, & high quality customer satisfaction. They are also focused on point to stage service to significant metropolitan areas with high average fares or perhaps highly visited markets that were underserved.

Efficient Using Resources

They formulated an operating technique that had produced the best cost per available seats mile of any main US Flight in 2001 – 6th. 98 cents versus market average of 10. '08 cents. Having its strong capital base, Aircraft Blue surely could acquire a number of new airbus A320 aeroplanes. Jet Blue's fleet isn't just reliable and fuel useful than other air travel fleets, yet also joined greater " economies of scale”.


Strong persons on top management, several JetBlue executives happen to be former employees of Southwest Airlines. They have prior experience in handling airlines thus any faults committed ahead of and induced negative influence on pioneer flight companies can be averted. They can use all their previous encounter to make policies and decisions to improve JetBlue.


With the help of Neeleman, the company surely could do E-ticketing using the system Open Skies, for the convenience of the passengers. With this, their travellers do not need to get directly to their very own ticketing office buildings, instead, they can be able to acquire their entry pass online.

Certain Valuation of Capital Investment

Based on the computation of NPV, for both years, NPV is definitely positive. Therefore after having to pay its commitments, they expense still produce positive cash. Thus, it must be accepted. Furthermore, profitability percentage is more than one which is definitely favourable. Plane Blue might continue the organization even though they receive nominal percentage of profitability because based on the computation there is also a possibility of earning more in the foreseeable future. Favorable Collection and Syndication

Based on the Stability Ratio evaluation, Inventory days and collection, both conceivable sales (for the inventory) and collection (for the receivables) aren't over thirty days. In fact , underneath inventory, it will only take two to three days to sell the entry pass while bank account receivables collection will only take less than a month or twenty two days to be exact.


Too Much Capital Borrowing

Depending on the cash flow statement evaluation of the JetBlue, the company's life initially relied on asking for capital expenditure. In fact ,

Excessive Debt

Based upon the Power Ratio Examination, huge percentage of the Total Assets is definitely debt. Searching at its Balance Sheet, it can be noticed that JetBlue had gathered too much current and long term borrowings. Simply by standard, capital investment credit should simply amount to thirty percent to forty percent but in JetBlue's case, the debt amounts to 73. 54%. This has a negative implication for the company. Too much debts will also indicate an increase in curiosity expense that the business should certainly pay adding to its primary obligation.

Unfavorable Liquidity

Fluid Ratios of JetBlue can be unfavourable. In both years, current percentage and acid-test ratio of JetBlue is no more than one. This means that JetBlue's asset is definitely not enough to pay its...

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