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Throughout time culture as a whole provides greatly transformed and created to what it is currently. One major part of the culture is the interpersonal class composition. In Charles Dickens' book, Great Expectations, Dickens conveys his values on that structure in lots of ways. Since Dickens wrote the novel during the Victorian Time it reflects and assess the beliefs and beliefs of the time. For the most part ones place in the sociable order was based on wealth and the trustworthiness of ones relationships. In general, the member of the higher class were unhappy and the ones in the lower class had been joyful. He does this showing that riches isn't every thing. He is constantly on the display that idea over the book and he shows its effects on various aspects of your life. Dickens uses the motif of hands, which identifies certain characteristics of people, to symbolize the effects of interpersonal class for the lives of countless throughout the book because he retains a negative approach to the sociable class system. The hands motif is utilized as a image to show the associations between the members of different classes. For starters, upon Pip and Estella's initially meeting Estella comments about Pip's hands and Pip reads deeply into it, " And what coarse hands he features! '…I experienced never thought of being embarrassed with my hands before, although I started to consider all of them a very unsociable pair” (Dickens 59). Coming from Pips low class point of view he had hardly ever seen hands as a crucial aspect of him self, however , because of Estella's high class upbringing this wounderful woman has grown to note every sign of peasantry. Next, following Pip's leaving to London, Joe arrived at visit him and since Pip was at this point of a higher class Later on and Pip formally shacked hands (Dickens 219). Hence Pip and Joes once strong and loving relationship has now changed mainly because Pip is actually a gentleman and since Paul is a pure commoner, they have less in keeping and they don't understand each other because they had in the past. Additionally , upon learning that Drummle is...

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