Stakeholder Conditional Matrix

 Stakeholder Deductive Matrix Composition





Expressed Interest on the Concern





(Real figure in the film)



1 . Mr. Pesales (Father of player who was killed)

Farmers or perhaps Rural poor sector

Fatality of his son, not enough justice

Check out the fatality of his son, Man rights violation

Low impact, has potential power in the event that he unites and works together with farmers' group

2 . Col. Tabora

Philippine government; Filipino military

Males accused of violating human rights

Maqui berry farmers accusations will be false; all propaganda

Powerfulk in community; has push of hands

1 . Erning de Castro

Farmer renters; Sharecroppers; Cowboys

Occupation of vacant lot; Lack of own land; Skade of their vegetation by the landowners causing personal debt; Blocking of irrigation systems Provide them with the alleged pending and nonproductive land; Quit the skade and nuisance Low influence, has capacity to unite with other peasant maqui berry farmers with the same opinions and views

2 . Luz de Castro

Player tenants; Sharecroppers; Peasants

Negligence of the Aquafil land as she was 15; Insufficient basic requirements Stop the sabotage and harassment

Low influence, features power to bring together with other typical farmers with all the same opinions and sights

3. Bert Pelaez


Firing of security guards; Insufficient justice for the violence delivered to them Proper rights for the violence which was brought upon them

Low influence, has power to combine with other peasant farmers together with the same views and opinions Different representatives, no matter if they are right, have zero right to enhance war and violence four. Dionisio Divertido

Farmers; Peasants

Unjust usage of firearms by guards to advertise fear; Deficiency of compensation Pads shouldn't be furnished with such weapons; Fear really should not established up against the peasant farmers; There should be a mutual arrangement between the two parties prior to any devastation Low impact, has capacity to unite with other peasant maqui berry farmers with the same opinions and views...

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