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The investigator wishes to express her gratitude towards her social research teacher who had been abundantly helpful. The researcher would love to give thanks to her father and mother for their kind co-operation and for supporting her financially during this evaluation. Lastly, the researcher would want to thank the almighty god, without which nothing is possible.


This assessment is founded on child labour.

Child time refers to the employment of youngsters in any function that deprives children of their childhood, disrupts their capability to attend frequent school, that is certainly mentally, literally, socially or morally harmful and dangerous. This practice is considered exploitative by many and legislations across the world prohibit child labour.

Declaration of Problem

What are the consequences of child labour in Cumberland village, East Canje Berbice?

Reasons for Picking Area of Analysis

The reasons for selecting this area of research is because the prevalence of child labour between schools inside the researcher's town is excessive; the researcher would also like to study the factors linked to child labour, like the factors behind children doing work, problems experienced by the kids, work place conditions, etc .

Method of Investigation

The technique of analysis used for this project was in the form of any questionnaire. The questionnaire utilized because of the subsequent reasons: 2. It is more affordable

* Will not require as much effort from your questioner because verbal or perhaps telephone research * It has standardized answers that make it easy to compile data.

Instrument Used to Collect Data Questionnaire

one hundred thirty five New Streets Cumberland

East Canje,


21st September, 2012.

Dear Sir/Madam,

The specialist is a 6th form student of New Amsterdam Secondary Institution. The investigator is pursuing a course of subject inside the Caribbean Assessment Council (CXC), Caribbean Supplementary Education Certificate (CSEC) in Social Studies, which the specialist would be producing in 2013. The specialist is required to conduct a research over a school centered assessment (SBA) based on the subject child time. The researcher is hereby seeking your assistance. To complete this questionnaire you need to put a tick ☑in the appropriate package. Thank you for the co-operation.

Yours Truly,

Sixth Form College student of In. A. H. S

Nafesia Hack.

Caribbean Examination Council

Caribbean Supplementary Education Qualification

School Centered Assessment

Sociable Studies


Topic: Child Labour

Instruction: To complete this customer survey you are required to put a tick ☑in the appropriate boxes. 1 . What is your love-making?

Male в–Ў

Girl в–Ў

2 . What is your age?

16-20 в–Ў

21-30 в–Ў

31-40 в–Ў

three or more. What is your racial?

African в–Ў

East Of india в–Ў

Mixed в–Ў

5. What is your religious beliefs?

Christian в–Ў

Hindu в–Ў

Muslim в–Ў

5. Just how much have you heard regarding child time?

A lot в–Ў

A little bit в–Ў

Not Much в–Ў

6. What comes to your brain when ‘child labour' is definitely mentioned? Kids being forced to work □

Children doing work in terrible environments в–Ў

Children working to earn a living due to lower income в–Ў

several. What do you think creates recognition about kid labour many effectively? Net в–Ў

Magazines в–Ў

Television в–Ў

8. Which gender do you think much more affected by child labour? Guy в–Ў

Feminine в–Ў

The two в–Ў

9. Do you think child labour is serious from this community? Not any в–Ў

Certainly в–Ў

twelve. What do you think is the reason for child labour?

Education в–Ў

Personal Systems в–Ў

Poverty в–Ў

11. What style of sector mostly looks in your community? Agriculture в–Ў

Household в–Ў

Textile в–Ў

12. Do you think a child under the age of sixteen going to work is right? Is actually up to all of them...


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