Sachin 02.09.2019
 Sachin Essay

India cinema over the ages has developed a flavor and aroma of its own. The vibrancy and exuberance of our cinema is usually unparalleled around the world. India theatre, over the year, has transcended the limitations of language, art and culture, cracked all the bonds and crossed all edges to coloring the entire world with is emblematic song, dances, music, melodrama and didacticism.

India cinema has a little everything. They have the capacity to imbibe every one of the shades each spice of life within its walk. It has been mystifying, enthralling, enchanting and entertaining millions seeing that a long number of years now. Every single today, viewing cinema is considered the most popular setting of entertainment and your favourite pastime of men and women from almost all section of world transcending gloomy, creed, competition or religious beliefs.

In fact , bollywood after cricket is a sub-religion of the nation. From the most common man towards the intellectual and the elites-all delight in watching videos in their spare time with their good friends and family members. Cinema works as a great unifying factor which in turn brings together the high and the low, the rice as well as the poor, the young and the old-all within the same roof structure for following two or three hour. It entertains without elegance, thrill and tickles without knowing a difference person and man.

I too, like seeing movies with my parents and friend inside my spare time. A year ago, Sahara Movie initiated a new era in India movie theater. The long awaited animation movies for children were introduced and this runs effectively in movies building all over the country. Not merely children nevertheless also teens, old and young, every cinema halls in large number to watch-Hanuman. I also had been awaiting the movie thirstily. Once the video was released, my personal friend's as well as mine manufactured plans to watch the movies inside our nearest theatre on the resulting Sunday. Many of us were incredibly excited. Actually my friend and I could hardly wait for weekend.

On the appointed On the, we reached the theatre filled with thrill excitement...

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