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Let's Help Inc.

Garrett Brower

Hersker Forbes

Shea Kirsop

[Promotional Plan]

The following document contains the promotional cover the Discussing Help Incorporation. newsletter. Business Summary

While Washburn Students Garrett Brower, Adam Forbes, and Shea Kirsop joined with Let's Help Incorporation. of Topeka, Kansas to formulate a marketing plan comprising an up to date organization e-zine. The target was to raise awareness of the organization through the newsletter that is sent quarterly by researching what recipients wish to know and applying it inside the newsletters.

The study method used consisted of personal interviews with donors (personal and organizational) and individuals who are involved with Let's Help or other non-profits. Interview questions were designed to help understand what the most significant advantages of non-profits are that people and companies look for. Through the research we found that relationships, charite cause, and awareness had been most significantly mentioned during the interviews. В We could then understand what people and companies appreciated the most, and implement that into a e-zine template.

After looking over the existing Let's Support newsletter we all decided that some data was important to keep, along with adding what readers wanted find out based on the new results. The template was also redone so that the reader could easily transition in one to the next. With the data we all captured and implemented in the newsletter, all of us expect consciousness, contact, contributions and curiosity of A few Help to increase through their e-newsletter.

Table of Contents

1 . Introduction

installment payments on your 1 Firm and Services

2 . two History

2 . Strategic Strategy and Target

3. a few Mission Affirmation

3. 5 Goals and Objectives

several. Situational Analysis

4. five Current E-zine

4. six SWOT Analysis of Current Newsletter

5. Research Technique and Info

5. 7 Research Issue

5. almost 8 Methodology

a few. 9 Findings

5. Recommendations and Setup

6. 15 Promotional Advice

6. 10 Newsletter Tips

6. Sortie

7. doze Appendix A – Outdated Newsletter

7. 13 Appendix B – Interview Script

7. 16 Appendix C – Coded Data

several. 15 Appendix D – Revamped Publication Template

1 ) В В Introduction

1 . 1 . Firm and Service

Let's Support Inc. is a not-for-profit firm that serves the city of Topeka and Shawnee State as well as the surrounding areas. They offer services for the entire community which include:

* Thorough Emergency Services

* Adult Education and GED Applications

* Pre-Employment and Work Placement Dexterity

* Meals and Garments Banks, and also " Position Closet" filled up with professional attire * Free of charge Community Lunch time Program

1 . 2 . History

In 69 Father Quinlan from The majority of Pure Heart of Mary parish approached Patty Coughlin about starting an initiative to assist the less fortunate in the Topeka Community also to address the concerns of the poor.  She created a Sociable Concerns committee and it absolutely was around her dining room table that they came up with the identity " We will Help” that has been soon converted to " Let's Help”. Patty became the first Business Director, like a volunteer.

Through the first a lot of the organization, Most Pure Heart of Mary and Catholic Social Companies supported it. В Over time, other chapels and cultural groups started to volunteer and contribute and finally Let's Support became an independent organization, unaffiliated with a specific religious group. In 2003, Let's Help was able to develop a facility in 200 S i9000 Kansas Opportunity that could home all their courses on one town block. В The food traditional bank, clothing financial institution, and lunchroom were re-located on the 1st floor as well as the Education and Employment courses were located upstairs.

Subsequent Marge's death, Let's Support went through several changes and financial challenges that led the Table of Owners to...

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