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Chapter 1 Glossary


Crucial Term| Definition| Page

adaptive| A great adaptive method typically works on the spiral development model, which usually builds over a series of iterations. | 20| application creation group| Group within a classic IT office that is composed of systems experts and coders who manage information program design, advancement, and rendering. | 26| application software| Software just like e-mail, term processors, spreadsheets, and design packages utilized by employees. | 6| BUSINESS-ON-BUSINESS (business-to-business )| A commercial exchange (e. g. products or services) between businesses, typically enabled by the internet or perhaps electronic means. | 9| B2C (business-to-consumer)| A commercial exchange (e. g. products or services) between businesses and consumers carried out over the internet. | 9| packet and mortar| Is used to describe traditional firms whose business design pre-dated electronic digital commerce. Many brick-and-mortar companies have effectively established successful Internet storefronts. | 9| business model| A business unit graphically signifies business features that incorporate business operations, such as revenue, accounting, and purchasing. | 8, 16| organization process| A company process details specific incidents, tasks, and desired effects. | 8| business process modeling| A procedure used by systems analysts to represent a business operations and information requires. | 8| business method reengineering (BPR)| An attempt simply by companies to simplify procedures or keep costs down. | 8| business profile| A business profile defines a company's general functions, procedures, organization, products, services, customers, suppliers, opponents, constraints, and future direction. | 8| business support systems| Business support devices (BSS) offer job-related data support to users by any means levels of an organization. | 13| CASE tools| Powerful application used in Computer-aided systems engineering to help systems analysts develop and maintain info systems. | 17| certification| A abilities an individual earns by displaying a certain amount of knowledge and skill over a standardized test out. | 29| class| A term used in object oriented modeling to indicate a collection of comparable objects. | 19| computer-aided software engineering| Also called CASE, it is a approach that uses powerful programs called CASE tools to provide an overall construction for devices development and support lots of design methodologies, including methodized analysis and object-oriented research. | 17| computer-aided devices engineering (CASE )| CIRCUMSTANCE is a approach that uses powerful applications called CIRCUMSTANCE tools to provide an overall structure for devices development and support lots of design methodologies, including organised analysis and object-oriented research. | 17| corporate culture| A set of beliefs, rules, practices, values, and attitudes comprise a company and influence its way of conducting business. | 30| data| The raw materials or basic facts used by information systems. | 5| data model| A data model describes info structures and design. | 16| data source administration| Repository administration entails database design and style, management, reliability, backup, and user access, and is generally performed simply by members in the IT division. | 27| deliverable| A polished, deliverable item, suitable for their intended employ. End items or deliverables often overlap with the completion of each SDLC phase. | 21| deployment team| The deployment crew installs and configures workstations. | 26| dot-com (. com)| Business that facets its major business for the Internet, rather than using traditional business stations. Internet-dependent is likewise used to illustrate this type of organization. | 9| e-commerce (electronic commerce)| Deals (e. g. buying and selling of products and information) that take place on the internet. Includes both equally business-to-consumer, and...

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