How much does it cost?

There are three main determinants of the price that we set for your order. First, we take into account the deadline for your paper, so we can efficiently allocate our time to deliver it with no delays. The more time we get to write or edit your paper, the cheaper is the service cost. Secondly, the price is compiled in accordance with an amount of pages you want the paper to contain. Similarly, the shorter the paper, the cheaper the price. Last, your academic level determines a small bit of the final pricing, as the level of academic value-added content significantly differs whether you are in high school or in an advanced degree program.

Our writing service was originally started by the students just like you, which is why we understand that you seek for reasonable prices. We also understand that there is a lot of competitiveness on the essay-writing market. You will more likely stumble across numerous services that offer lower prices than we do. However, it is no surprise that you always get what you pay for. When it comes to academics, your grades and schoolwork in general, saving on it is absolutely not worth it. The prices we offer might not be the cheapest ones, but the quality we deliver is no doubt the best you will find.

The price list indicates a price for one double-spaces page typed in Times New Roman in font size 12. You can also request a single-spaced format, but the price will be double the double-spaced one. Note that the customers from the European Union also have to pay an extra cost of VAT which will be indicated once you proceed to the payment form.