personality representation

 personality expression Essay

Personality Representation

1 . How would you establish personality?

Personality can be qualities and characteristics a person or individual owns. Personality that individuals is usually characteristics a person has or obtains over time to become somebody. Your individuality defines who have you will be as a person, sometimes your personality can show others where you stand in the world, in which you are in the category system even.

2 . What are some essential personality features that define you?

Some of the key features that define myself and my own personality will be energetic, trustworthy, hardworking and giving. We am a very energetic individual who can never sit still. It assists me be tough working since at work Now i am always offering my totally. I work harder at what I do and always give work the best of me to supply for my children. I feel that We am a giving one who loves to do things for others. I recently donated a kidney to a friend, that we think makes me offering.

3. What key ideas or " constructs” prefer explain your personality?

A few of the key ideas that clarify my personality are my personal extravert feeling and extravert sensation. Whilst they contradict My spouse and i am a small amount of both. I have always been a great listener and people are able to match me with simplicity. Concurrently I action very much in the emotions which will show a number of my caring and assisting side from the extravert feeling. Also We am an extremely positive individual that is always a " Doer”, am also a risk taker and I'm always on the go. Constantly I'm aiming to do things to further improve my quality lifestyle as well as these around myself. These are the main element concepts that explain my own personality.

5. Are the personality features consistent or do that they change in line with the situation?

I feel just like my nature can change sometimes according to the situation for example in the event that things are obtaining tight monetarily at home my energy level has a tendency to drop a bit and I acquire discouraged for a little yet I stay and decide things that need...

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