Organizational Behavior

 Organizational Tendencies Essay

Meaning and Scope of Organizational Habit:

" Company behavior can be explained as the understanding; prediction and management in the human habit affect the performance of the organizations. ”

-- Fred Luthans

The study of Organizational Behavior (OB) is very interesting and difficult too. It can be related to individuals, group of people coming together in teams. The study turns into more challenging the moment situational factors interact. The study of organizational patterns relates to the expected behavior of an person in the business. No two individuals are very likely to behave very much the same in a particular work circumstance. It is the predictability of a director about the expected behavior of an specific. There are no absolutes in human behavior. It is the human factor that is contributory for the productivity therefore the study of human behavior is important. Great importance therefore must be attached to the study. Researchers, managing practitioners, individuals, and interpersonal scientists must understand the incredibly credentials of the individual, his background, cultural framework, educational update, impact of social groups and other situational factors on tendencies. Managers under whom a person is working should be able to make clear, predict, evaluate and modify human tendencies that will mainly depend upon understanding, skill and experience of the manager in handling significant group of people in diverse conditions. Preemptive activities need to be taken for man behavior foretelling of. The value system, emotional cleverness, organizational traditions, job style and the work environment are important causal agents in determining individual behavior. Trigger and effect relationship plays an important function in just how an individual will probably behave in a particular scenario and its impact on productivity. An appropriate organizational traditions can modify person behavior. Latest trends exist in sitting greater stress on company development and imbibing a...

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