Organization Case Study of Chief Operating Officer, Doug Yacubian

 Business Example of Key Operating Expert, Doug Yacubian Essay


Business Case Study: Key Operating Officer

a) Precisely what is the precise nature of Doug Yacubian's issue?

Some of Doug Yacubian's difficulties as Primary Operating Police officer (COO) of Captiva Company are the response to circumstances beyond his control, as soon after he got on the situation there took place the biggest crisis in the business history, a massive product recollect owing to incidents of meals poisoning. " Since this happened during Doug's first week on the job, he could not do much to help deal with the crisis” (Galford, 99: 3). Unfortunately, as the saying goes, household last the longest and Doug's noticeable inaction during such an essential crisis helped to create awareness of him as indecisive and unimpressive in the minds of his coworkers.

Another part of the problem lies with Doug's boss, the CEO, Peter Tyler. The COO should certainly be like an additional in control, an intermediary between the CEP and the section heads like Cynthia and Ben. In the second page of the content, it is stated that Tyler started to be less and less interested in the day to day businesses of the firm and used a very hands-off approach since the company grew larger. It would appear that Tyler grew a bit too much out of touch, screwing up to realize the long-simmering resentment that the section heads experienced for Philip. It should had been easily foreseeable to an skilled CEO of your long-established business that attracting an incomer who would become above longtime employees like Cynthia and Ben may not go over very well. Employees experienced " superb respect intended for his [Peter's] judgement” (page 2), therefore from the start Philip should have positively tried to soft over the issues between Doug and the section heads, mainly because they would need to cooperate if the company was going to run effortlessly. Though, by Doug's dialogue at least, there are no problems among him and Peter, apparently the office heads experienced somehow become the idea that Doug and Philip have key issues between each other and...

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