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Activity 1 ) 1 . 5a Engineering Jobs – Scavenger Hunt


Have you ever been on a scavenger quest? A scavenger hunt can be described as game in which individuals or perhaps teams seek to find a range of specific items, or perform tasks, while given in a list. The goal will either be to finish the list 1st or to finish the list inside the most creative manner. Today you are going on a scavenger hunt to brainstorm each of the types of engineers and what they may possibly have invented or electricity costs.


GTT notebook

Laptop with Internet access

Technology job book methods

Word search or crossword puzzle application (optional)


In this activity you will use the Internet and book resources within your room to alphabetically term as many types of designers as you can. You can list multiple for each page, but try to have by least a single for each letter of the buchstabenfolge.

1 . Complete the Engineering Careers Scavenger Hunt activity by filling in the Architectural Career column with the term of a form of engineer that begins get back letter. installment payments on your After you have listed as many architectural careers since you can in a quarter-hour, brainstorm along with your classmates a device or innovation that may have come about because of that type of engineer. Finish the Invention/Innovation column with this information. a few. Create a term search or perhaps crossword dilemna that you will exchange with a classmate using the types of executive careers and what they have got invented/innovated or perhaps the impact they've had on society.

Executive Careers Scavenger Hunt

Alphabetical Letter

Architectural Career



Cultivation Engineer

The threshing equipment evolved


Biomedical Industrial engineer

Better remedies


Connection Engineer

Help to make advancements with wifi


Design Engineer

Produced better machines to develop sketches, buildings, etc . E

Electronic Engineer

Improved the light that goes to the homes.


Food Industrial engineer


Gas Engineer



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