My Beautiful Life

My Beautiful Life 22.08.2019
 My Fabulous Life Composition

b. Tell about your life-events. Integrate your ideas underneath the title " My Life History”. Use relating devices to link the actions of the doj together.

15. Answer virtually any TWO of the following questions: 2x10=20 a. Come up with an interesting fantasy you found recently. Achieved it have virtually any connection to the real life? m. Show the points of similarities and differences between two unnatural stories " The House Call” and " The Loving Mother”. c. Summarize the story " Fear”.

16. Give short answers to any 3 of the following questions: 3x5=15 a. What evidences exist in the story to show that the Soto friends and family was poor? b. For what reason did the doctor have a look of surprise on his confront when Elda told him that her little daughter died in September? c. Why does Jeremy want to take Ellie to her parent's home for few days? d. What is a supernatural account?



Rajahar-1, Nawalparasi, Lumbini

First Term Examination-2070 M. S.

School: XIF. Meters.: 100

Subject matter: Compulsory EnglishP. M.: thirty five

Time: several hrs

Candidates are required to provide answers inside their own phrases as far as practicable. Figure in the margin signifies full marks. 1 . Full the following by simply writing a suitable letter in each space: 2x1=2 we. 'Beauty' comes before ‘beckon' because _____comes before _____in the alphabet. ii. ‘Pupil' comes just before ‘puppet' mainly because _____ comes before _____in the abc.

2 . Position the following words and phrases into the accurate order to produce suitable content: 3x1=3

i actually. official/he/a/to/wanted/government/become.

ii. of/he/tea/her/him/cup/asked/give/a/to.

iii. dentist/often/how/do/you/to/the/go?

3. Opt for the correct expression from the match given in mounting brackets: 5x1=5 i actually. Do you think the modern constitution of Nepal should come into ……soon? (affect/effect) 2. You will…………. your put in if you end the order. (lose/loose) iii. She is established to put her new concepts into……….. (practice/practice) iv. Writing instruments, papers and envelopes are………. items. (stationary/stationery) v. The moment are you……………. to vote in your nation? (eligible/illegible)

4. Compose a conversation between two friends conveying their first day in college. 1x5=5

5. Browse the following verse and response the questions given below: 5x2=10

It is quite difficult to get a deaf child to learn to. Most infants learn simply by hearing others talking, however the deaf child cannot listen to them, so, just how can the lady know what discussing sounds are just like? Many deaf people learn how to lip read, and they turn into very clever at being aware of what other people assert by watching them. Although Helen cannot see that which people were undertaking. She appreciated a few words and phrases she had heard before the girl was sick: for instance, the girl went on phoning water ‘waa-waa'. But she had to produce signs for the majority of things. She'd shake her head for ‘No' and nod for ‘Yes'. A pull meant ‘Come' and press, ‘Go'. However she can say little or no like this, and she depended entirely on other people. However Helen recently had an active brain and a clever brain, and wanted to do and state everything any other child will. She was used to getting into bad tempers once she cannot explain what she intended, or know what others desired.


a. Why is it very difficult for a deaf child to learn to talk? w. What do you realize by ‘lip reading'?

c. How did Helen express ‘Yes' and ‘No'?

m. Why do she wish to accomplish everything any other child would?

e. When did the lady get into awful tempers?

6. What can you have done at a: 2x1=2 a. Hairdresser's b. Photographer's several. Add a decision to these remarks: 3x1=3 Model:...

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