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 nature of management Article


Character Of Management

Definitions of management

Supervision is the art of getting things done through other people. (Mery Parker Follet )

The process of planning, organizing, leading & controlling the job of corporation members & of employing all obtainable organizational resources to reach mentioned organizational goals. (James A F Stoner ) Relevance Of Managing

1 . Obtaining organizational goals & goal efficiently & effectively 2 . Getting maximum benefit from scare resources

three or more. Doing the ideal things properly

4. Attaining needs of parties who also are interested in organization's activities five. To ensure stability of corporation in competitive environment.

Essential Elements In Management


To be able to minimize the time in achieving organizational objective

" Performing things correct "


The ability to identify appropriate aim

" Carrying out the right things”


Getting more quality output with the significantly less effort & resources

What Is Supposed By Managing

Process Of Supervision

Main Capabilities Of Managers / Managing

1 . Planning

2 . Managing

3. Leading (Staffing/Directing/Motivating/Communication)

5. Controlling

Varieties of Managers By simply Level & Areas


" People responsible for directing the efforts aimed at assisting organizations attain their desired goals. ”

A manager's task is highly crucial to the success of any kind of organization. Is it doesn't manager's work to achieve the company objectives through the proper using its human & material resources. Yet , since human beings can only use the material solutions of equipment, capital, facilities, info etc ., your resources will be the most valuable property of any kind of organization. Consequently, manager should be highly skilled in the art of optimally using the human solutions

Variations between Top rated, Middle and lower level Managers

Top Level Managers

Central Level Managers

Low Level Managers/First Line

Commit more time about planning & coordinating capabilities

Devote more hours to company and online functions Devote more time to direction and controlling function of administration Set goals strategic for the whole corporation

Decide desired goals, objectives ideal and principles for department Support of waking time to day activities in the organization

Appoints the executives for middle level, controls & synchronize the activities of all of the department Understand & describe policies coming from top to lessen level

Guide & instruct employees for day to day activities

Recruiting, schooling & supervising the middle level managers Prospecting, training & supervising the low level managers

Recruiting, teaching & supervising employees

Supplying orders for the middle level managers

Put together among top rated & central level

Coordinate among middle section level & employees

Differences between Collection and Personnel Managers

Range Managers

Staff managers

Directly responsible for reaching organizational desired goals

Supporting for line managers by offering facilities intended for the activities and indirectly accountable for achieving organizational goals

Differences among General and Functional Managers

General Supervisor

Functional Director

Responsible for any set of business activities

Accountable for one or handful of business activities

Levels Of Managers / Managing

There are quite simply 3 degrees of managers as well as management with relative standing in an organization's hierarchy of authority. These levels will be 1 . Top Managers

installment payments on your Middle Managers

3. 1st line/low level managers

Top rated Level Managers

Managers responsible for overall managing of the...

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