Modernization Theory Essay Gloval Advancement

 Modernization Theory Essay Gloval Development


Using material from Item A and elsewhere, assess the usefulness of modernization theory as an explanation for variations in the levels of development of diverse societies (18 marks) Modernization theory first arose after world battle two in 1945, when european countries like the US, Great britain and England all assumed that capitalism was the only way to modernize countries in East Europe. It has become clear that lots of countries in Africa, Asia, Southern America, and the Carribbean were remaining poor inspite of their total exposure to capitalism. The origins of modernization theory originate from sociologists Durkheim and Tonnies, who asserted that societies evolve through predictable levels towards modernity. Rostow, a north american sociologist, created the five periods of the expansion ladder. The first level of expansion is, ‘traditional societies', which can be when the country identifies that values just like patriarchy, ascription, particularism and collectivism all limit their particular prospect of change and modernity. The second stage, ‘pre-conditions for take-off', is the moment western ideals and experience are launched into the nation and the industrialisation process starts. After this ‘Take-off' occurs, in which economic growth begins, european practices become the norm, gumptiouspioneering, up-and-coming classes start to emerge and exporting improves. Fourth is definitely the ‘drive to modernity', wherever reinvestment ensures a meritocratic society in which living criteria, trade electric power and education all increases. And the 6th stage involves society striking the ultimate level of expansion, where the most of the population reside in urban areas instead of rural areas, living a lifestyle organized around ‘conspicuous consumption'. Modernization theory has two aims; the first aim of modernization theory is to clarify why poor countries have got failed to develop and the second aim is to provide a non-communist solution to lower income by recommending particular ethnic values, such as capitalism, which could bring...

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