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BTEC Nationwide Diploma in Health and Sociable Care Level 3

Unit 8 – Psychological Perspectives in Health insurance and Social Care M2 – Compare two psychological approaches to health and cultural care services provision. Kathryn Lamb

Tues 14th May possibly 2013

Through this assignment, I am going to be comparing the humanistic perspective plus the biological point of view in a health and social attention service dotacion. The humanistic perspective is definitely " an innate tendency we all have as human beings to become the very best that we could be in all aspects of personality and intellectual, social and emotional life. ” Moonie, And (2010) Health and Social Attention Level several Book one particular, p. 348. Whereas the biological theory looks at the genes of people and also says that it is what determines who a person is and exactly how they develop, so creation is more drawn to nature (or genetics) instead of nurture (or the environment). In health insurance and social proper care settings, the humanistic as well as the biological methods contradict one another and can likewise affect someone�s health in several ways. For example , if someone is diagnosed with cystic fibrosis, the humanistic procedure says that for someone to develop, a person must follow through Maslow's pecking order of needs where they need to achieve the essential necessities of life fists such as very good housing, high quality food and health that happen to be all contained in Maslow's structure of demands.

Cystic fibrosis is a great incurable disease, which means that once an individual have been diagnosed with the disease, they will contain it for the rest of their particular life, which will would make that impossible to allow them to develop and reach all their full potential, although there are medications that will help the victim of the disease have an even more decent wellness status, but it really will be very much harder for these to reach and achieve the self-actualisation stage of Maslow's hierarchy of needs because of the nature of the disease and the short life expectancy it triggers. They may become affected psychologically, as they will probably be going to...

Bibliography: Moonie, N (2010), Health and Social Proper care Level a few Book you, London, p. 351.

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