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п»їClient background:

Victoria's Secret may be the largest American retailer of lingerie1, advertising bra, panty, swimwear, add-ons, sunglasses, perfumes and magnificence product. " The chain's youth-oriented PINK brand targets teens and younger ladies with less-racy bras and panties. The youth-oriented LILAC brand (launched 2004) has established itself as a powerful feeder brand for Victoria's Secret. Its aim is usually to capture young and college-age female customers in the hope that when that they mature the can move on to the sexier models offered by the big sibling brand. ”2 ---- Is actually reasonable to at youth female. And that we can warrant our test (college-age female) is consultant. HK: " Victoria's Top secret have opened up two boutiques in Hong Kong, one in ifc mall and the other in New City Plaza. Both stores are currently focusing on their very own best-selling beauty items and perfumes, as well as add-ons like plastic bags; purses and handbags, luggage, sunglasses and other tiny leather goods including several that are exclusive to Hk. This truly does mean that there may be only a limited selection of nighties. ”3 Organization problem & research aims

Business problemпјљ

Management Decision Problem: Should certainly VS increase its corset line in HK? If you do, what's the effective method to launch VS's lingerie range in HASTKRAFTER? Marketing Study Problem (Research objectives): To ascertain consumer choices and purchase motives for VSs lingerie. This will justify whether VS should certainly expand its lingerie range in HASTKRAFTER and determine what Product (size and style modification) and Campaign Strategy should be used. Research design format

Exploratory research design:

Secondary data analysis: search the basic advantages of underwear, customers' general choice of undergarments, specialty of VS's under garments, VS's manufacturer image Emphasis groups: make more observations about consumers' preference of underwear, frame of mind towards extravagance underwear and VS's underwear, whether they worry about brand, expectation...

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