Marcy Alvarez Unit 6th Assignment HN205

 Marcy Alvarez Unit 6th Assignment HN205 Essay

Circumstance Analysis

Marcy E. Alvarez

Kaplan University

Case Study one particular: Romeo

Exactly what are the client's strengths and how can you apply these advantages to ideal interventions? Romeo's strengths include the capability to start to me about his attempted suicides, team involvement, and drug use. Also, another strength Romeo has, is that he has great aspiration to improve his life. Romeo is going outside of his barrier and speaking with me about the hardships in the life. Employing three different appropriate interview techniques identify each strategy as you work at appropriate interventions with the customer. To do this you will need to develop a quick dialogue. Be sure you consider any ethical and cultural problems. Note these types of at the end of your dialogue.

Me: Romeo, what do you want all of us to focus on present session? (Tried and True Questioning) Romeo: I do nothing like the fact that I want to commit suicide. Me: You seem to some degree agitated and ready for a change in life! (Sustaining Technique) Romeo: Yes! We am tired of the way I actually am living. I have practically nothing, which makes myself feel very depressed. Me: What connections will you see relating to the lifestyle as well as your mood? (Elaboration) Romeo: Well, when I smoke cigars marijuana I feel calm. Merely do not smoke, then I i am agitated. If I have money, than I find myself important. When I do not have money, I believe depressed. What goals do you want to work your customer on based on the information offered? Explain for what reason you select those goals and how you imagine they will help meet the patient's needs. Idea: remember that desired goals are different from circumstance tasks and referrals you may make to benefit the consumer and their situation.

The goals that I would work towards achieving with Romeo should be improve his self-esteem and confidence. Subsequently, I would should also help him figure out who have he genuinely is plus the direction in life he wants to strive for. Lastly, another target I would focus on with him is to get him to express his emotions and feelings efficiently.

Circumstance Analysis a couple of: Gladys

What are the customer's strengths and just how can you apply these strong points to suitable interventions? Among the strengths that Gladys your woman wants a much better life for her three children. She is which she is raising her three young girls in an abusive environment and is seeking help. Employing three distinct appropriate interview techniques recognize each strategy as you work at appropriate concours with the consumer. To do this you will have to develop a simple dialogue. Be sure you consider any kind of ethical and cultural concerns. Note these kinds of at the end of your dialogue. Me personally: Gladys, what would you like to concentrate on today? (Tried and True questioning) Gladys: I are afraid of intended for my daughter's safety. My own husband's upset outbursts happen to be out of control. Me: You look like you have got enough and able to move on. (Sustaining Technique) Gladys: Yes, nevertheless the problem is that we do not have any family in the area, all of them reside in Vietnam. Me: I know you stated you have simply no family in the area, tend to be you actively involved in a temple, a church, a mosque, or any type of other beliefs community and know someone from any of these that you look at a close friend? (Elaboration) (Murphy & Dillon, 2010). Gladys: Yes, I enroll in a Vietnamese Faith Community Church.

What goals would you want to work with the client on depending on the information obtainable? Explain so why you selected those desired goals and how you believe they will support meet the client's needs. Hint: remember that desired goals are different from circumstance tasks and referrals you could make to benefit the customer and their scenario. In Gladys' case, we need to work for being more 3rd party and not count on her hubby. I would also work with her, so that she can be mindful of all of the assets that are available like women's pet shelters, food banks, etc . In the event Gladys locates herself eventually in a domestic abuse condition, she will prepare yourself on the best with the assets that I possess...

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