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1 ) Company's Background 2-3 2 . Contents

5. Company's practices/operations 4-5 5. Relevant Guidelines and Concepts of Managing 6-7 2. Pros and Cons 8-10 3. Advice 11-12 four. Conclusion 13-14 5. Sources 15


Generally, Pos Malaysia is a post services business in which it was restructured in 1992 as it switches coming from Malaysian Services of post Department or Jabatan Perkhidmatan Pos Malaysia into a business corporation. As there is a lot of change in the structure and system of the corporation, Pos Malaysia Bhd is likely to continues it is services because providing email services, logistics transportation, page services, postal services, venture in to parcel delivery, registrations, insurance service, deal of money (postal order and money order) and purchase of money (Post Workplace Saving Bank). (Wikipedia) Basically, one of the services offered by Pos Malaysia may be the postal assistance. It started to take over many services for the Government machineries such as collecting payment of electricity bill, sale of doggie license, repayment of pensions, sale of television set license and others. In early 1800s, Pos Malaysia has followed back with the establishment of postal services which has been firstly presented in the Straits Settlement (Penang, Malacca and Singapore). In early 20th century, it has successfully covered the complete Malaya [ (Pos Malaysia) ] Besides providing services of post, Pos Malaysia also provide words service that conveyed through dispatch bikers or special messengers. Rather than postage stamps, fees were collected the moment letters were handed in at the Mailbox. Then, a receipt is given when the notice is published. With implications of the albhabets services, the first initial definitive group of postage rubber stamps was released in 1901. It is because the Of india stamps will be overprinted with crown as well as the Straits' rubber stamps are overprinted with us dollars and cents; which were presented in 1867. (Pos Malaysia) Basically, the nature business of Pos Malaysia is offering services and products that required by the organization is doing. Generally, Pos Malaysia has offered services such while PosMel, PosLaju and PosNiaga. PosMel is actually a product through which it focused on daily emailing services in both public and retail customers. However , PosLaju is usually is a kind of product which aims to be the most well-liked courier assistance among it is foreign opponents. In addition , PosNiaga is a device of liable in increasing the convenience of the national's postal services. (What does the 'nature of business' mean? )

All in all, Pos Malaysia Berhad improved all their product and services to be able to fulfill customer wants and wishes. Even though Detras Malaysia Bhd is a secure and experienced company, but yet it need to keep changing in order to keep the competiveness on the market. Thus, handling organization improvements is important for Pos Malaysia Bhd to create advance regarding structures, system, workers, and the environment.

ITEMS: Company's Practices/ Operations

Within people

Employment practices, compensation system, promotional and managerial succession devices, and the whole concept of hrm are also affected. The increasing diversity of the workforce in coming years will mean significant changes pertaining to organizations. In addition , employees are facing a several work environment in the twenty-first 100 years. The most detailed word just for this new work place is ‘change'. Employees should be prepared pertaining to constant alter. Change...

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