Take Care of the Orphan

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Take care of the orphan


Orphan, particularly the child in whose parents are passed away, it is usually occurred in the slum area or villages, as a result of poor quality of life, or any other normal reasons, such as earthquake, flood, or eruption of volcano, it is every can cause create the orphans. In Dalam negri, there as well so many orphans in Jakarta and many locations, especially following the big devastation happened recently in Philippines, it is already caused much more than 400 people dead, a large number of kids become orphans once again, the orphans already get a social problem in Indonesia your world. Orphan, from their child years, they deficiency of the love and care in the parents. The good news is, recently years, government which situation therefore they made many areas for the kids who shed their parents, that is known as orphanage. However many orphans wait for helps. For those orphans live in orphanage, their the child years certainly different from the child whom live with their parents, the orphans can easily have feeling about self-abased, it is not best for their healthy and self development, and so our group decided to go to 1 of orphanages in Jakarta, in order to help the orphans have good thinking for life and possess a delight childhood by teaching lessons, playing games, and hanging out along with them. The plan since follow:


Visit the one orphanage in Jakarta, named GRAHA ANUGERAH, and living with all of them for day or two, through the types of activities just like studying, performing and playing, to help them master knowledge and skills, build right understanding for themselves and society and good self-characteristic. And the service will not likely end as long as we even now in Indonesia; we will use the spare time to visit a growing number of orphanages, to help the orphans.

Name| Focus on (Main job)| Purpose

Alex| Teaching lessons| Master standard Knowledge and skills| Anni| Teaching songs| Cheers all of them up, and the rest intended for study| Cathy| Enlighten...

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