Literacy and Street Names

 Literacy and Street Labels Essay

An evaluation of Jonathan Kozol's " The Human Expense of an Illiterate Society”

In the story of " Your Cost of an Illiterate Society” Jonathan Kozol reasons the negative effects of being illiterate. American illiterates will be being turn off by culture in a world where being a successful that seems uncertain for illiterates. Kozol reveals to the visitor the many risks that an illiterate American needs to face on a regular basis and the dangers that results coming from it. " They cannot browse traffic indicators and, while they often discover how to recognize and decipher symbols, they cannot rigtig mange street names which they have not seen before” (256). This kind of confirms how American illiterates are in danger of getting lost or not knowing how to get back home. They require constantly will need assistance, and cannot get anywhere with out a help of assistance through the streets. We tend to ignore a person in need when they require us one of the most, which makes illiterate people, scared of asking for support until really too late. Another potential issue that illiterates can occur is that their children can be in danger and wishes to seek medical help, but because the parent can be illiterate she can't help his or her individual child. " What do I do if my children stared choking? I proceed running to the phone…I won't be able to look up a healthcare facility phone number” (257). The child eventually drops dead and the illiterate parent cannot help as they or she cannot contact the mat and explain their location, and leaves them in shame. American illiterates are challenged everyday and fail a lot because of be unable to read or write. Many people don't understand the important reasons of why getting literate is important. Illiteracy can run into issue such as, not being able to help youngsters with research, cannot go through bills, end up having reading medications on wine bottles, and other each day tasks. Illiterates are afraid to request help intended for doing the simplest tasks. " The buyer who are not able to read does not dare to request help, out of your...

Cited: Kozol, Jonathan. " The Human Cost of an Illiterate Society. ” The Arlington Reader: Contexts and Connections. Ed. Lynn Z. Full bloom and Louise Z. Smith. New York: Bedford/St. Martin's, 2011. 252-259. Printing.

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