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Paper a couple of (Reading Pathways (Extended)),

maximum raw mark 50

This mark system is published as a help to educators and applicants, to indicate the requirements of the assessment. It reveals the basis which Examiners had been instructed to award signifies. It does not indicate the details of the discussions that took place in a Examiners' conference before marking began, which in turn would have considered as the acceptability of alternative answers. Mark schemes must be read with the question documents and the record on the assessment.


CIE will not get into discussions or perhaps correspondence in connection with these mark schemes.

CIE is publishing the indicate schemes to get the May/June 2009 question papers for some IGCSE, GCE Advanced Level and Advanced Subsidiary Level syllabuses and several Ordinary Level syllabuses.


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TAG SCHEME intended for the May/June 2009 query paper



Worldwide General Certificate of Extra Education

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Indicate Scheme: Teachers' version

IGCSE – May/June 2009



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Be aware: all Examiners are advised that substitute correct answers and unpredicted approaches in candidates' piece must be given marks that quite reflect the kind of knowledge and skills demonstrated.


Imagine you will be Aunt Pegg. After seven days of taking care of the children, jots down a notice to their parents in which you:


give your impressions of the kids;


offer an account of the progress with them to date;


inform your plans for week.

Create your notification. Base it on the things you have browse in Passing A. You must write between 1½ and 2 sides, allowing for how big your handwriting. For this problem, 15 marks are invested in assessment of Reading Aims R1–R3 (see syllabus); a few marks are allocated to assessment of Producing Objectives W1–W5 (see syllabus). General records on likely content

Be aware: there are two parts to a complete solution.

The impressions may be pretty general, so look for a few introductory advancement. The main component will be regarding progress, plus the best prospects will try to make some impression of what is meant by simply her viewpoint to connect it all with each other. Clever prospects will use the reading clues well to predict up coming week's programme.

The final mark is based on the caliber of the answer.

It truly is most important to reward a consistent letter. Bear in mind, Aunt Pegg may be for least partially right – for all we all know, the children could possibly be little devils. Also, some very clever applicants might develop down what she says to get fear of powerful the parents – this should come in obvious inside the wording. Yet , the content should be clearly associated with and based on the passage. Candidates could use the following concepts:

Mark A (Impressions)

lazy (‘sitting doing nothing'/getting in the morning/maybe slow to complete tasks (her explanation of ‘like zombies')

naughty/indisciplined (fights/what she considers is swearing/episode of bags inside the street) spoilt (over-indulgent/allowed to enjoy sugary foods/leave food) untidy (‘making my tidy place messy')

NB Look for summary and good development.

Mark B (Progress)

keeping watch/control (eyes at the back of her mind!; blowing whistle) punishments (extra cleaning/stand in corner/early to bed/no right food) tasks/keeping occupied (cleaning/sweeping/tidying)

education (cooking/arithmetic/‘good' books/nature study) diet (lock away saline and sugary foods/make all of them eat lettuce) NB Incentive references to and exploration of ‘philosophy' and ‘morals'. © UCLES 2009

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Mark Structure: Teachers' variation

IGCSE – May/June 2009





Mark C (Plans for week)

incentive more of the same e. g. extensions of education program, tightening of discipline, more dietary concepts

or what Aunt Pegg sees like a relaxing with the...

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