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п»їReview Questions

1 . How do myths and stories shape a society?

Several myths and legends support shape culture because they will help describe how the universe came to be.

2 . How were myths and tales used to explain the natural world just before science? They will needed reasons to explain how come things had been happening, such as lighting or rain.

3. What role do myths be in the cultural actions of a world? Most common myths are ethnic and most ethnicities or beliefs have their personal myths

4. How do myths give life with meaning?

Misguided beliefs give evidence and they are what bring meaning to the trigger.

5. Do myths and legends create moral guidelines for living? No i think in misguided beliefs and legends anything is achievable.

Critical Thinking Questions

1 . Name at least three ways the west would be distinct if we experienced no misconceptions and legends. Do you think your life would be better, the same, or perhaps worse? We wouldn't include bedtime reports, reason to believe in big foot, or perhaps explanations intended for things. I don't think issues would be the same at all.

2 . The bogeyman are available all over the world. Explain how the bogeyman is described in our lifestyle. In our lifestyle he portrayed to be a monster that lives under the bed. 3. Think of a character characteristic you believe is important in a person. Now identify a fantasy or tale from our culture that reephasizes the importance with the trait. King Arthur is a good story because he is usually noble and strong and those are both wonderful quality's to betray.

4. The Viking edition of the what bodes was an extension of the fact that was important to all of them on Earth: bravery in fight. Describe the actual afterlife may possibly look like into a culture that valued a style of your deciding on. Ideas: riches, peace, knowledge, entertainment, self-reliance, etc .

a few. Food and drink are usually the objects of fantasy and star. Describe a food or perhaps drink a visitor to the country may possibly think was sacred to us. Meat for sure only a few people consume meat surrounding the county while crazy as that appears....

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