Koreas Aging Society

 Koreas The aging process Society Analysis Paper


The Aging Society: How do We Quit It?

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August, 2011

What is the most critical trouble that the Korean society looks today? Certainly, there are issues such as the North-South relationship, the nuclear drip in The japanese, and the overabundant rainfall. Nevertheless , one of the most widely discussed matters in the modern Korean language society is the decreasing labor and birth rate and the increasing percentage of the old age groups. This kind of phenomenon from the older age groups taking a larger portion of the overall population is named the " aging culture. ” This kind of occurrence is becoming one of the superb challenges that the Korean language government provides yet to find the appropriate alternatives. This specific happening, although it might seem very insignificant at first, can cause various abnormalities and disadvantages to our society.

To further explain the specific situation, the average delivery rate in 2006 was around 1 . of sixteen births per woman older 15 to 49, and it is constantly on the decrease. The reduced birth price could result in a decrease of the younger population, and such decrease was identified in the article by the Hankyoreh Multimedia Company (" Korea likely to become ‘aged society' in 2013, ” 2006). Together with the boomer era reaching the elderly and the life expectancy increasing, the problem only deepens. Such a major increase in the proportion of older age groups potentially triggers several issues in the society. Because the old age groups happen to be almost entirely dependent on govt funding intended for pensions and also other expenses, the federal government expenditure increases. However , simply because cannot support the energetic workforce to enhance gross household product, they will hinder govt revenue. Therefore , with the increasing older age ranges, the government suffers the ordeal of to spend and not obtaining back. In the event this routine continues, it truly is inevitable the government seems to lose power and competitiveness in the global circumstance (Kang, " The difficulties of Korea's low birthrate and maturing society, ” 2010). Via examining this problem, one simple problem emerges: what can the authorities do to be able to stop this kind of social disorder?

Because Korea is not the only community facing this matter, countless advised solutions from a different nation can be found. However , most of them vary ways to alter government funding and plans, and due to their extreme specificity, these options are hard to be implemented in overseas countries. Consequently , the Korean government must either make an effort to find an solution similarly, by simply carefully redecorating funding and policies, or perhaps seek strategies to solve the core of the problem. The 2 most prominent unevenness of this trend are the excessive percentage of older age groups and the reducing birth charge. In this paper, two straightforward methods will probably be presented to overcome these two challenges: cure the " more mature age groups, ” and boost the birth charge.

The initial solution to the aging society comes from the simple notion of decreasing the " elderly age groups. ” At first, the statement of decreasing the quantity of a certain group of people may appear horrendous, however the act of decreasing will not refer to a genocide. Around the broader side of account, the primary matter that the aging society gives is the concept of losing govt revenue. Losing is caused by a decrease in the work force and an increase in the quantity of elders. After retirement, parents are given authorities pension and also other additional support from the remaining portion of the society, and so they no longer participate in increasing low domestic item. Therefore , it is crucial to decrease the number of " elderly age groups, ” and the authorities can achieve this by elevating the retirement age. With larger retirement age, people older than sixty five would not be looked at old anymore; they would still be considered an integral part of the contributing...

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