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 Fast Food Exploration Paper

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In his composition, " Fast Food Nation” Richard Schlosser condemns the impact of fast food on human into the American economy. Schlosser detests the take out chain as it causes 1000s of independent organization to come to an end. As a result, unemployment plays a major role amongst these small-scale businessmen. Additionally it creates cultural differences among the list of people as a result of food market staying captured simply by fast food cycle. In order to obtain a monopoly and master the take out industry, they will employ low paid and unskilled work force which is a risk to the general public and migrant farm staff. Every citizen has the directly to know the materials being used inside the food so they can avoid the deleterious effects of the fast food on the health. His assertion, " introduction of deadly pathogens” states the danger encountered by small children whom are the long term generation with the modern community ( 392). Addition of harmful chemicals to increase the taste and aroma of meals leads to serious diseases like cancer, cerebrovascular accident and heart diseases. Furthermore Schlosser's dread about the fast food becoming a social trouble and growing to be a danger to the American economy may be the pinnacle of this essay. Small scale farms and full-time farmers are inside the risk of dropping their sustenance with the introduction of the fast food industry.

This individual also points out the inability from the Government to remove the deadly meat which in turn paves it is way in the fast food market and pose health problems. Then simply he moves onto the consumers and asserts that, " Your anticipation of consumer anger has caused McDonald's to demand adjustments from its suppliers, ” – this discloses that the buyers should be provoked and made an awareness regarding the intricacies of the meals they are ingesting (396).

The insight of the author regarding the fast food industry builds up in a gradual process and finally reiterates the advantages of the public to adopt immediate action and cease the use of junk food as their standard...

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