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Mukesh Patel School of Technology Administration

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Roll No- 403

MBA Technology (Operations)

Infiniti Retail Ltd.

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Infiniti Retail Limited



Inventory Managing and Optimization

Industry Advisor


Mister. Takshil Shah


Faculty Mentor


Prof. Sudarshana Sarkar


It really is indeed an issue of great enjoyment for me to share my sincere gratitude towards my teachers guide Prof. Sudarshana Sarkar whose outstanding encouragement, co-operation, guidance and keen supervision at every level of the schooling inspired myself in going after and doing the training/ project within the schedule. I also heartily thank Mr. Takshil Shahof Infiniti Price tag Ltd. who have mentored me personally during the training period. I might also like to increase my appreciation to Mr. Jenniton Lobo from Infiniti Retail Limited. for their on time help and guidance. My personal sincere thanks to the whole crew of Infiniti Retail Ltd. who has with patience guided me personally throughout the teaching period, without whose support this schooling wouldn't had been possible. I want to thank Mr. Niteen Pawar, Positions Director, MPSTME, NMIMS and Prof. Nikhil Gala, Chairperson Placements, MPSTME, NMIMS pertaining to giving me a chance to work with Infiniti Price tag Ltd. My spouse and i am indebted to Prof. R. C. Agarwal (Chairperson Technology Management, MPSTME, NMIMS) for enabling me to avail the opportunity to do my own internship in InfinitiRetail Limited.




Retail sector7

Consumer durables retail sector9

Croma(Infiniti Retail ltd. )11


Products on hand management15

Products on hand management by Croma16

Inventory optimization20

Pareto analysis21

Pareto analysis of inventory at Croma store22

FSN analysis25

FSN analysis of products on hand at Croma: 28



List of tables and figures

Fig 1 . Retail Sector by Category7

Fig 2 . Consumer Durables by Category9

Fig 3. Causes of Products on hand Shrinkage18

Fig 4. Pareto analysis of Inventory at Croma24

Fig 5 normal age of stock28

Fig 6th Number of items30

Table 1 . YoY growth of Consumer Durables Sales simply by Categories10

Desk 2 . Consolidated Inventory Data22

Table several. Analysis of Aged Inventory23

Table 5. FSN consolidated report27

Table 5 FSN analysis28

Desk 6 FSN analysis depending on consumption rate30


Infiniti retail can be described as subsidiary of TATA daughters and works a chain of multi-brand consumer electronics store within the brand Croma. Being a full player, the function of Inventory administration holds significant importance and it requires careful and continuous evaluation. The project is about " Inventory Management and Optimization”. Underneath this job, I will be doing the task of Inventory audits, liquidation, decision making on price front. Within this process, the inventory in various retail outlet locations will probably be checked to verify that the stores happen to be following required guidelines intended for selling the inventory to the consumer. It will also care for the substandard goods through repair or perhaps write-off. The primary goal from the project should be to diagnose the difficulties and ensure the implementation with the standard techniques to manage the inventory. In addition, it aims to derange the goods as per the requirements to liquidate the slow-moving and obsolete products on hand. The task will help the corporation in inventory health check. It will also assist in...

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