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Mariam Ahmadi

HIST 17B/Prof. Hupp

The ladies Suffrage, Captivity and immigrants coming to The us is what has made this country. There are various groups which have made an affect for the United States as well as its development. Foner notes that " a brief history of the United States is definitely, in part, a story of discussions, disagreements, and struggles over freedom. " This is a thing that I entirely agree with.

The first thing that was extremely powerfulk was the getting and farming of slaves in America. As we look at the page of a meandering slave we learn about a person named Paul taper wonderful new existence in Canada. This individual writes a letter to a white acquaintance in Virginia recounting several of his experience. Taper produces " And i also will come close to you to common sense; and I will be a swift see against the sorcerers, and resistant to the adulterers, and against false swearers, and against the ones that oppress the hireling in his wages, the window, and fatherless, which turn apart the new person from his right, and fear not myself, saith our creator of hosts. ” (VOF 210) This individual also declares that " I have liked more pleasure within a month here as compared to all my life in the area of bondage” (VOF 211) threw this kind of letter we learn that his lifestyle was filled with pain and suffering just before his avoid to Canada.

Now we take a look at the other end of the spectrum. We all learn about George Fitzhugh who wrote about Proslavery in 1854. This individual goes put many different historical theories showing how captivity is the best life-style. He says Webpage 2

Mariam Ahmadi

that it only makes life better for all. Fitzhugh Says” on the slaveholding To the south all is peace, Peaceful, plenty and contentment. We have no enemies no transact unions, not any strikes intended for higher pay, no armed resistance to what the law states, but very little jealousy with the rich by the poor. ” (VOF 209) He procedes talk about the expansion of their vegetation having been the best in 12-15 years and that they are able to feed three times their particular households. He also says "...

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