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 Managing Tasks - Vobien Ltd Article

Table of contents

Job 1

1 ) The network diagram3

2 . The time of activities and the total float3

several. The task duration as well as the critical path4

4. Calculation of the finish date4

your five. Delays and early completion and the effects on the duration4

a) Activity ‘E' is usually delayed 1 day4

b) Activity ‘P' is delayed 1 day4

c) Activity ‘Q' is done 1 day earlier5

6. Restrictions of the network diagram5

Task 2

1 ) Introduction6

2 . IBEK Limited. 6

a few. The Project Manager7


Organization form8

Planning and monitoring9

The Project your life cycle9

Function Breakdown Composition (WBS)10

Firm Breakdown Framework (OBS)10

Essential path analysis (CPA)11

Cost estimation11

Handling Risks12

Closing the project12


Net sources14

book sources14

Activity 1

1 . The network diagram

My name is John Doe and i also am the project manager for the Vobien Limited. For a better overview I've produced a network plan, which you can find in the appendix. The whole project has a duration of 50 times.

2 . The timing of activities and the total drift

The timing of the activities is demonstrated in the diagram in the appendix of this function. Except ‘A', all activities are proceeding by one or by more activities. ‘A' is the initially activity and then the beginning of the task.


A is then B – B is usually followed by C / D/ E – C / D / E will be followed by Farrenheit.

The activity-on-node diagram gives a lot of info. It reveals the EST (earliest begin time), the duration of each step, the EFT (earliest end time), LST (latest start off time), the entire float, and the LFT (latest finish time).

To determine the total float, it is crucial to understand the connections between various nodes. The period depends on the difference between EFT and LFT.


To start with node Farrenheit, we need to total C / D and E. Node C contains a duration of 1 week and a EFT of 14 days – Node Deb has a duration of 2 times and a EFT of 9 days and nights. Therefore , client D provides a total float of 5 days. To calculate the entire float of each and every of the nodes, we need to arranged all of the LFTs to the top value. Through this example it is the value from the node C, because it has the longest length.

3. The project period and the important path

The duration of the Vobian Ltd. project is all about 50 times. To have this number, we need to add the longest duration of all nodes. A few of them manage simultaneously, in cases like this we choose the longest length and add those to the total duration. The essential path is definitely marked green in the diagram. The critical path is definitely the longest way within the project, but it is additionally the least duration to complete the project. In this project, the critical route is: A – B – C – Farreneheit – G – E – M – M – And – U – Queen – L. The duration of this route is 60 days. It truly is called the critical way because of the fact, that if one of the nodes provides a delay of two days, the complete project may have a wait of 2 days.

4. Calculation of the finish date

While already computed, we have a duration of 60 days to get the task. With a a few day functioning week we need a total quantity of 10 weeks to complete the task. When we start off the job on Monday, the 4th of March 2013 – the 12th of Apr 2013 could be the day on what the task ends.

five. Delays and early conclusion and the effects on the duration

a) Activity ‘E' can be delayed 1 day

Activity ‘E' is not only a part of the important path. You will have no influence on the total length. The drift will be decreased from two days to at least one day.

b) Activity ‘P' is delayed 1 day

Activity ‘P' is not a portion of the critical course. There will be not any effect on the total duration. The float will be reduced from 3 days to a couple of days.

c) Activity ‘Q' is completed one day earlier

Activity ‘Q' is part of the important path. There will be an effect on the total duration. The total life long the job would be reduced to forty-nine days. Every single critical client, which is finished...

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