Half truths Song

Half truths Song 05.09.2019
 Bull Song Essay

Bull Song→ viewpoint of the bull (sad take care of animals) Capots→ Cape employed in bullfighting (Vocab)

** distinction of the violence of the bull from the bulls point of view together with the grace and beauty and artistry of matadors� Half truths is guy

Bull is a symbol of power

Repetition of just like flies, just like flies roaring- associate roaring with elephants ( unconventional image of like flies roaring)→ negative photo!

Shift to second stanza

Stood dizzied: �

Sunshine and anger: reminiscent of the stranger ( killing from the arab man)

Neck muscles cut→ blunt ( examine fast rendering it seem like destruction is done quickly� Blood dropping from the gouged shoulder→ more poetic browse slower besides making the fatality seem to take longer

The whole stanza is a question→ effect on someone is that is usually addresses the reader and causes these to think� Who have brought me here? → relate to humanity�

Walls and Blankets: walls are the arena and blankets is the red material Atwood talks about the way the bull battles against quilts etc . instead of humans� Sarcastically calls humans gods since they have to cover behind covers. Matadors happen to be referred to as gods→ elevated for the status of gods rather than the mythological gods (make reference)� Who flutter and evade→ butterfly imagery they evade being killed by the half truths even though that they created the crisis themselves

Switch and sides gore blackness→ no dignity enjambment- zero hope still left because he visitors nothing together with his horn after his loss of life his reverance is gone as well as the identity is definitely one eyesight of whom this half truths is and what this bull is� Four legs thrust out like posts→ vulnerable�

I ought to have continued to be grass→ very sad desired he was not born/ regretting his living

Ironic: he's so highly effective but really wants to be anything so unaggressive

Repetition from the flies again→ crowds cheering�

I get out of, dragged a bail of lump drag:

Poem about the struggling of an person rather than a human it is a half truths instead� Last stanza the reflection how people think of this as a video game but...

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