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Group Observation 27.08.2019
 Group Declaration Essay

Group Observation on Teenage Dating Violence


The group I noticed was a teenage dating physical violence prevention group. It was kept at A higher School. The purpose of this group was to teach adolescents about domestic physical violence. The facilitator's goal was to teach the adolescents about healthy human relationships, unhealthy interactions, types of abuses, several red flags of the abuser, and provide important helpful those who can be going through a domestic violence relationship.

Inside the group, there were about ten members. These were all men and sophomores in senior high school. Their age went from 15 to 17 years of age. The population in the group was primarily Hispanics. The group was held within a classroom during 5th period, which endures about 60 minutes. Just about every Tuesdays, two facilitators by X Company would go towards the high school and teach two different class sessions. One particular facilitator would take every one of the females in a single room plus the other facilitator would take those males within room. Inside the male group that I noticed, the tutor was always present in the classroom. It was the facilitator's first period with a new number of students. The facilitator, Kim, first started off introducing very little to the course. She talked briefly about the types of solutions that were presented at X Agency. The girl discussed about the different issues that the students would be learning throughout the 8-week session inside the program. In that case, Kim asked the group if they had any kind of rules which should be applied within the group. Many students were very alert to Kim's problem. She then talked a bit about confidentiality. She discussed about how every thing the group talked about stays within the group, unless the individual disclosed that he or she was going to hurt someone, somebody was damaging him or her, or he or she is getting abused. Kim told the scholars that she would be required to statement those three things. Kim did a task with the students where...

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