Global 3D TV SET Market 2014-2018

 Global 3 DIMENSIONAL TV Industry 2014-2018 Composition

About Global 3D IMAGES TV market 2014-2018

For the past decade, consumers' television viewing habits have been undergoing quick changes. Once 3D TV SET sets appeared in homeowners in 2010, the Global TV industry was already in a turnaround stage. The new entrant had to deal with not only the other TV models, nevertheless also the new means of entertainment that were quickly eating in the consumers' TELEVISION SET viewing period. In the awaken of social networking garnering a tremendous share of individuals' free time, all other entertainment media want to retain their particular share of individuals' limited leisure time. This has forced TV SET manufacturers to generate innovative models and provide a high-quality observing experience to attract the consumers. 3D capacity is a characteristic of HIGH DEFINITION TV that allows three-dimensional displays unlike the conventional TV that displays two-dimensional images. Since the pregressive cost of adding the 3 DIMENSIONAL feature to TVs is usually falling, it really is expected in a short time almost every TV SET will be 3D-enabled. The Global 3D TV market is expected to increase at a CAGR of 35. 85 percent during the forecast period. This is mostly aided by the reduction in the price of 3d-tvs and the regarding the 3D content.

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This statement presents an overview of the Global 3D TELEVISION market for the period 2013-2018. To analyze the market size and growth, we now have considered the global shipments of the number of 3 DIMENSIONAL TV products shipped. The report as well presents the vendor landscape and a corresponding detailed evaluation of the several leading distributors in the Global 3D TELEVISION SET market. This kind of report likewise presents a review of the marketplace drivers that are aiding the expansion of Global 3D IMAGES TV industry. It also provides comprehensive analysis of the difficulties facing the market and styles expected in the market during the forecast period.

Key Regions


South Korea





Key Suppliers


LG ELECTRONICS Electronics Incorporation.


Samsung korea Electronics Company.


Volvo Corp.


Toshiba Corp.

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