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George Guy 19.08.2019
 George Person Essay

George Gey is introduced into The Immortal existence of Henrietta Lacks as the head of tissue-culture analysis at John Hopkins hospital. He was about 52 years old when he uncovered the immortality of Henrietta's cells, and this was more than likely the peak of his your life, thanks to this brilliant discovery. Yet , he originate from an interesting backdrop. Gey was created in 1889 and had in the past his parents in Pittsburgh. He was usually adventurous and liked for making do with what he had. He was always looking for new discoveries and this is what led him to find that Henrietta's skin cells were, in fact , immortal. Gey was a very creative and well respectable doctor inside the medical field, in regards towards the decisions selection, others might have a slightly various opinion. To start with in the book, Skloot explains how creative and imaginative Gey was using the quote, " During his [Gey] second year in medical institution, he rigged a microscope with a time-lapse motion picture camera to capture live cells on film. It absolutely was a Frankensteinish mishmash of microscope parts, glass, and 16-millimeter camera equipment from who also knows in which, plus steel scraps and old motors from Shapiro's junkyard. ” (The Undead Life of Henrietta Is lacking in p. 38) The use of the expression Frankensteinish implies that although the machine may have got looked frightening and not perfectly put together, it absolutely was still a creation of something spectacular. A few years after Gey was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, together to undergo an emergency procedure. This individual requested that his cosmetic surgeons take samples of his tumors just as that they had earlier with Henrietta. Nevertheless , once the cosmetic surgeons viewed the cancer that they discovered that if any samples were used, Gey would have died. Gey was furious and Skloot quotes, " If this kind of cancer would definitely kill him, he wanted it to help advance technology in the process. ” (The Undead Life of Henrietta Is lacking in p. 170-171) This reveals Gey's true character. He was willing to pass away, as long as he knew it was going...

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