Elements Affecting Consumer Loyalty about Banking Service: a Case of Hong Kong Shanghai Bank Business in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

 Factors Impacting Customer Commitment on Banking Service: an instance of Hong Kong Shanghai Financial institution Commercial in Ho Chihuahua Minh Metropolis, Vietnam Dissertation

Elements Affecting Client Loyalty about Banking Support: A case of Hong Kong Shanghai in china Bank Business in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

• December 22, 2011

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Bùi Thanh Phong

Graduate School of Business, Assumption University


This study examines the relationship between picked factors (brand image, friendship, perceived services satisfaction, identified core assistance quality, interpersonal regard and social comfort) and customer loyalty of HSBC in Ho Chi Minh Metropolis Vietnam. The researcher selected on four hundred respondents who had experience to work with HSBC bank services. The sampling procedure used view sampling and convenience sample. The researcher used the Pearson Correlation analysis device on this analysis. Descriptive figure was used to supply the suggest and percentage of demographic characteristic and also other variables of study. End result indicated that brand graphic, friendship and perceived assistance satisfaction really does play a mediating role in the effect of customer commitment in bank service. The consequence of a number of demographic indicators upon customer dedication are also reported. �


Loyalty element is considered since key worth of marketing technique in the banking service and others (Kotler, 2004). It also assists bank to gain the profit and reduce marketing price. In prior times, a large number of banking providers are aware of understand brand picture, service top quality and client satisfaction which are approved as a essential determinant of customer loyalty (Payne, 1993). The customers will be hard to attract and difficult to keep because it is certainly not relatively easy can be to switch their particular traditional companies (Philip, 2002). Loyalty elements are an organization's most reliable achievement indicator (Zeithaml and Bitner, 1996). Also, this increased customer commitment can help decrease marketing costs, solicit more customers, and effectively operate trading utilizes (Aaker, 1997). Additionally , the loyalty buyers become an advocate concept for the service can be defined: offering positive word-of-mouth, recommendation the service to different, encouraging others to use support and protecting the service provider and make higher corporate and business profits (Reichheld et al. 2000). While the market turns into more competitive advantage, many organisations recognized the importance of maintaining current customers and have some initiated selection of activities to further improve customer commitment (Rosalind and Audrey, 2007). Faced with this situation, some companies have considered to the quality specifications in their business such as INTERNATIONALE ORGANISATION FUR STANDARDISIERUNG 9001. In fact, the companies can get the best profit from all those standards and loyalty consumers. Any services industries happen to be banking, restaurant, hotel, beauty… the service encounter satisfaction is really considered as a main value to affect and look after the loyalty customers.

1 . To study in the significant marriage between camaraderie and customer loyalty.

2 . To test the relationship between company image and customer devotion.

3. To learn the significant romantic relationship between assistance encounter pleasure and buyer loyalty.

four. To establish a knowledge of the significant relationship between perceived main service and service counter satisfaction.

five. To analyze the numerous relationship among social view and recognized core assistance.

6. To determine the significant marriage between cultural comfort and identified core service.


The purpose of this study should be to develop and implement a technique for banking service to recognize attributes that could increase consumer...

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