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Exclusively Visual 17.08.2019
 Distinctively Visual Essay

п»їDistinctively visual text messaging allow the rebatir to clearly understand the perspective from the composer. How have a pair of the tales of Henry Lawson, as well as the film Punctured by Baker and Klein, allowed you to understand the composer's perspective through distinctively aesthetic techniques?

Composers employ numerous techniques to generate distinctively visual texts which in turn enable responders to plainly imagine, type meaning and understand a composer's unique perspective. Henry Lawson's brief stories ‘The Drover's Wife' and ‘In A Dry out Season' genuinely brings to life images of isolation and hardship inside the Australian rose bush, Armin Geder's picture publication ‘The Island' illustrates the alienation of any foreigner on a xenophobic isle; and Chip Baker and Tristian Klein's film ‘Punctured' use similar distinctively visual qualities to demonstrate images of loneliness. The aforementioned composers enable readers to envisage genuine themes of life and and understand their purpose through distinctively visual tactics.

Lawson uses distinctively visible techniques to portray the harshness of the Australian bush environment. In ‘The Drover's Wife', Lawson describes the rose bush in negative overtones with nothing to alleviate its bleakness ‘stunted, rotten native apple trees', ‘waterless creek', ‘everlasting, maddening sameness. ' This really is reinforced in " bush with no intervalle... no varies... no undergrowth... ” Through cumulated negation and replication of ‘no' Lawson paints an uninviting and sparse setting for the story. Likewise, Lawson perpetuates the same thought in his ‘In a Dry Season. ' Lawson engages the reader quickly through the use of second person ‘you'll' and the imperatives ‘Draw' and ‘add' inside the accumulation of images ‘Draw a cable fence and a few ragged gumline, and add several scattered lamb away from the teach. ' This allows the audience to participate in re-creating the rose bush setting. The narrator's unfavorable impressions with the outback is usually evident in the stoic tone ‘the least...

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