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Essay in Prestcom 29.08.2019
 Essay on Prestcom

Political--> Currently we are fairly steady politically to help trade run smoothly. Economical initiatives will help boost the sales of the Dyson Airblade if for example businesses receive a grant to assist pay for the replacement of ineffective electrical kitchen appliances e. g traditional design hand dryers.

Regulatory--> The product should be safe to use since it involves electricity and normal water. Has to be quick cleaning so delete word. Also not really damaging to the user electronic. g the airjets staying too strong.

Economic--> Coming out of a economic downturn so businesses may be significantly less inclined to invest money on new appliances, especially kinds with a high quality price tag such as the Airblade. Nonetheless it may indicate companies are very likely to look into energy saving alternatives to products in an attempt to save money on electrical energy.

Social--> Socially people are very likely to want to guard the environment and might be more more likely to look into energy saving options including the Dyson Airblade. Socially firms may be pressured into investment into green options.

Technology--> The dyson Airblade uses cutting edge state-of-the-art technology.

Competitors--> Quite a lot of substitute products which offer very similar rewards but at a lower price such as the Xcelarator and the Airforce.

Opportunities--> Dyson could to push out a cheaper item but bears the same dyson brand name, this can draw sales away from cheaper hand washer dryer combos as people may be captivated by the make of dyson.

Market--> One of the industry leaders expensive but top quality, may be seen as a premium item, carriers the dyson brand which means it can be highly considered, however there are numerous cheaper alternatives availiable.

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