Energy Independence and Secureness Act 2007

 Energy Freedom and Reliability Act 3 years ago Essay


Energy Freedom and Secureness Act 2007

Michael Swirtz

ECN 201

December doze, 2012


Signed in December nineteen, 2007 by President Bush, the Energy Independence and Secureness Act of 2007 (EISA) aims to maneuver the United States toward greater energy independence and security whilst increasing the availability of clean alternative fuels. With prolonged demo and a commitment from both govt as well as citizens', to protect consumers from the inflation of essential oil prices when there are global factors which have effect on the economy. To overall boost the efficiency of products, buildings, and vehicles and improve the energy performance and overall use of the Federal Government and also consumers. To implement long-term goals and regulation with the EPA to enhance U. T. energy reliability, develop renewable fuel development, and improve vehicle fuel economy. (Energy Independence and Secureness Act, 2007) A secondary subject to this take action was to apply and generate jobs in various industry industries such making, production and installation, as well as an increase in research and development. In addition to that that authorizes approximately $125 , 000, 000 in funding to establish countrywide and condition job training programs, implemented by the Division of Labor, to help addresses job shortages that are impairing growth in green sectors, such as energy-efficient buildings and construction, replenishable electric power, energy-efficient vehicles, and biofuels expansion (EISA 2007). EISA study centers the energy lowering goals pertaining to federal agencies, as well as introduces more remedial requirements. Three key procedures enacted will be the Corporate Normal Fuel Economy Standards, the Green Fuel Regular, and the appliance/lighting efficiency standards. The EPA is focused on developing, applying, and revising both polices and non-reflex programs underneath the following subtitles in EISA. (Environmental Security Agency, 2007) •Increased Corporate and business Average Fuel Economy Standards

Increased Vehicle Technology

•Federal Car Fleets

Government fleet preservation requirements

•Renewable Fuel Normal

Environmental and resource preservation impacts, Grants for creation of advanced biofuels, Scholarships for biofuels production research and development in certain Says, Study of engine strength and performance linked to the use of rme. Also, an increase in energy effectiveness equipment specifications as the adopted invoice includes a variety of new criteria for lamps and for non commercial and commercial appliance products. The equipment comes with residential fridges, freezers, refrigerator-freezers, metal halide lamps, and commercial walk-in coolers and freezers. Regional standards for furnaces, central air conditioners, and heat pumps, improved strength efficiency to get appliances and buildings in cold areas, efficient lamps in all structures •Increase the efficiency of products, buildings

Ethanol pipeline feasibility study, Research of the adequacy of travel of domestically-produced renewable gas by railroads and other methods of vehicles •Carbon Get and Sequestration

•Biofuels Facilities


The main focus of EISA was to increase the efficiency of cars and trucks traveling both by consumers and people of the authorities. By elevating average gas efficiency standards to 35 miles per gallon, the U. S. helps you to save about 2 million barrels of petrol a day by simply 2025, that has been more than America imported by Saudi Arabia in the earlier year (2006). I will also cut hundranittiotv? million metric tons of global warming pollution, corresponding to taking twenty eight million vehicles of the tracks. With advancement, it was as well to create jobs, which was a national priority to train Many job pressure for new jobs in emerging strength technology domains. It will present training options for experts, workers influenced by economic globalization, at-risk junior and low income citizens, so that everyone and income levels...

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