Education in Egypt

Education in Egypt 20.08.2019
 Education in Egypt Article

Engy Emad


sixth Semester

Media Design

Group 1

Social Sciences

Suzy Joseph

Systems and arts

Assignment (part 2)

Education in Egypt

Education is an important element to a fresh and better Egypt. Yet unfortunately the education we have within Egypt causes high literacy rate. This is proven through out the research. That high literacy rate is a result of the destruction of the educational system and governmental colleges.

The research was based on a questionnaire produced and sent out among students and parents at random. The set of questions was divided in to five questions. Initially knowing their particular career both students or perhaps parents, second was possibly preferring community or exclusive schools, to get third problem the number of students in the school now and what do they will prefer the most, forth was ways to get improving, and last issue is either the literacy charge is impacted from the means of education we certainly have and for what reason. The Research experienced 62 examples, they were all either students or parents, they were unique samples, and students in which school pupils.

The results obtained from the questionnaire demonstrated 61% were students and 37% were parents. As for the second query there was an enormous gap, there was 95% who also choose exclusive and only five per cent choose public and factors were defined. For the next question there were completely different outcomes, concerning problem (3 a) there was twenty seven. 42% clarified 15 to 20 college students, 38. 71% claimed becoming in classes of 25 to 30 students, 29% answered thirty five to 45 students and later 4. 84% answered 40+. However issue (3 b) had the majority of the samples addressing similarly, having only a couple of answers 71. 3% wanted 15 to 20 students in class and 28. 7% accepted 25 to 35 students as for the rest 0%. For the forth question the participants had distinct opinions in answering that as it is a great open-ended query. Last question had seventy seven. 4% answered yes, 18. 5% pertaining to No and 8. 1% had neutral as their answer, for the rest of the question was also open-ended....

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