Discuss the causes of the Dutch revolt against Spain. What were the effects for the emerging power of England?

 Discuss the causes of the Dutch revolt against Spain. What were the outcomes for the emerging power of England? Composition



Discuss what causes the Dutch revolt against Spain. What were the results for the emerging power of England?


Although the Low Countries held no additional identity apart from fragmented claims that were " owned" (or controlled) by the dukes of Burgundy, and therein, when ever called upon to send delegates to an estates general, the seed products of effort were positioned. As Phillip II joined the field with his overall foreign The spanish language influence (where he was given birth to and resided), followed by the creation of Spanish soldiers, governors, and officials, the first currents of rise ? mutiny began to mix. As the religious wars consumed European countries, the 'invasion' of Philip II turned on rebellious feelings on both political and religious grounds--as the majority of the Netherlanders were Simple and Phillip and his Spaniards were undoubtedly Catholic. In 1566, a " league" was formed to counter the Spanish effect and their request to Spain to go without the Questions in their claims was rejected. Thus, the Netherlanders, poised for the troubles from the religious battles, the foreign affect on their way of life and personal structure, plus the realization that their incredibly liberties were at stake, stirred the people into mutiny.

As the interior conflict of the Low Countries (the northern seven today formally in-line and filing independence because the United Provinces of the Netherlands--or " Holland" ) against Spain continued, Britain was sooner or later dragged in the fray because, like almost all conflicts that waged in Europe at the moment, the matter of faith was once again at stake. Great britain, Protestant itself, was already incompatible with The country of spain, and the foundation of plans to eradicate Full Elizabeth I and all of Protestantism with her came to the forefront with the Spanish motives. Thus, England joined Holland in its mutiny. Eventually, the infamous eliminate of the Spanish Armada took place and the...

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