Difficulties in Teaching Vocabulary

 Difficulties in Teaching Terminology Essay

Every single language features its trouble spots, so does English. Learning the words of the foreign language can be not an easy business since every expression has the form, meaning, and consumption and each of those aspects of the term may have got its problems. Indeed, a lot of English words are difficult in contact form (daughter, occupied, bury, female, women ) and easy in usage; other words will be easy in form (enter, get, happen) and difficult in usage.

Subsequently, words might be classified based on the difficulties learners find in assimilation(ШҐШіШЄЩЉШ№Ш§ШЁ). The analysis in the words within the foreign language permits us to distinguish this groups of words: concrete, summary, and structural.

Ch. French fries in his publication " The structure of English" recognized four types of terms according to the function in the sentences and their combinability with other words and phrases: 1 . Function words, ex. " do" signaling(Щ…ШґЩЉШ±Ш§ ШҐЩ„Щ‰) question 2 . Substitute words and phrases, he, your woman, they etc .

3. Grammatically distributed words and phrases " some", " any"...

4. Articles words

The amount of words in the first 3 groups is rather small , declare 200 in round figures in British. The out group, content words, makes up the bulk of the language vocabulary.

Two further differences in language are required to finish our version. We need to separate a common primary vocabulary proven to all the associates of a language community and specialized terms, known just to special organizations. We are certainly primarily interested in the common key vocabulary. The other differentiation according to C. Friese is that between vocabulary pertaining to production and vocabulary pertaining to recognition. As a rule, our reception of vocabulary is much larger than our creation of language.

Terms denoting cement things (book, street, sky), actions (walk, dance, read), and characteristics (long, big, good) are much easier to learn than words denoting abstract ideas (world, home, believe, assure, honest). Strength words are the most difficult intended for Russian speaking...

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