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Daisy Miller 02.09.2019
 Daisy Miller Essay

Aditya M. Shah

third Period

AP Lit

Daisy Miller Quotations

" We hardly understand whether it had been the analogies or the variations that were top in the brain of a fresh American who have, two or three years back, sat in the garden with the 'Trois Couronnes, ' looking about him, rather idly, a few of the stylish objects I possess mentioned” (354).

James Henry transitions by a lengthy explanation of the associated with Vevey towards the introduction with the protagonist of his account. By closing in on a certain figure, the narrator focuses the storyline on the experiences of Winterbourne. This quote establishes the setting and time of the storyplot, while the narrator's tone remains to be composed and conversational. Curiously, the whole history is a gossip about Daisy Miller, and the gossip appears to manifest itself in the narrator's flashback. By the narrator stating that he " hardly [knew]whether it was the analogies or maybe the differences... in the mind of a young American, ” that portrays the narrator's insufficient knowledge about Winterbourne, yet this individual continues to speak about him. As a result, the introduction of the novel creates the atmosphere of incessant gossip among individuals, though it only identifies the location and time of the events. Interestingly, at the end of the new, the narrator once again gets control the story from Winterbourne, saying another part of gossip about the motives of his return to Geneva and the rumours of him that extended to circulate about his " studying. ”

" I haven't the least what such young ladies expect a man to do. But I seriously think that you had better not meddle with little American girls that are uncultivated, as you contact them. You have lived very long out of the region. You will be sure to make some terrific mistake” (370).

Winterbourne's cousin Mrs. Costello relays this message to Winterbourne with their discussion of Daisy. Mrs. Costello's warning to settle away from Daisy has no impact on Winterbourne in this case; however , Mrs. Costello critique of Daisy...

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