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Chocolate Chip Hazelnut Cookies

Topic: How to make Chocolate Chip Hazelnut Cookies

I. Launch

A. Attention- getter: Think about to at the time you were very little. Did both you and your mommy or family make Pillsbury's slice and bake cookies? (SLIDE CHANGE) Do you keep in mind the smell that distributed throughout your property while the cookies were preparing in the oven? (SLIDE CHANGE) Well today I am going to teach you a way to make a more grown up and advanced chocolate chip cookie by damage.

B. Diathesis: My mom is definitely the one with the food prep getting filled with flour to make my sister and I dessert whenever we wanted. I

do not forget that I had always wished for to make peanut butter cookies as I was young. The reason I used to be so captivated by chocolate chip cookies was as a result of one of the best books, The most important Cookie in the World. I had always wished for to cook and now I do it almost once a week (SLIDE CHANGE)

C. Thesis Statement: Preparing anything by simply scratch can be as easy because pie, in case you just stick to my simple steps, every time.

2. Body

A. Information on supply

1 . From Giada De Laurentiis Cooking book Giada's

Family Meals

2 . Giada -- beloved chef for the food network easy


B. Steps that you need to do before you start cooking

1 . 2 sticks (1 cup) unsalted butter for least 45

minutes just before start cooking -- area temperature.

installment payments on your Preheat the oven to 400В°F to toast your

hazelnuts. a single cup hazelnuts preheated oven right up until

the happen to be golden dark brown or you can smell all their

finished regarding 5 – 10 minutes. awesome & slice

3. Get all of your elements out

5. preheat the oven so the oven is waiting for

you rather then you waiting for the oven. 325В°F


C. First steps in making chocolate chip hazelnut cookies

1 ) Coarsely chop the hazelnuts in the foodstuff


installment payments on your ½ glass of aged –fashion oats and grind

3. rolled oats into a medium size bowl. same bowl put your

2 Вј cups multi-purpose flour, 1 teaspoon cooking

powder, you teaspoon...

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