Computerized Registration System

 Essay on Computerized Registration System

July 19, 2013


At present, majority of establishments and organizations across the country are using contemporary technologies intended for theme to serve their very own clients fast and successful. One of the most significant institutions is definitely the educational sector. As reported by the World Bank, there was an increase in literacy rate inside the Philippines. With all the increase in our country's literacy rate has come a significant increase in college student enrollment on the high school level. This has made it difficult pertaining to existing personnel within the schools to manage the magnitude of daily management activities including student enrollment. Manually taking care of the enrolment system is wearisome, time consuming, and error likely. Schools in the Philippines are switching more than from the standard method of enrolment to the Information and communication technology-based computerized enrollment pertaining to efficiency, accuracy, and dependability. A speedy and digital enrolment program process is a way the school can find a less complicated and improved way to implement a great enrolment system. The computerization of the stated system will be implemented through making use of equipments like pcs and printers. In line with this, it is better to get a school to have a computerized enrollment system as a replacement for the traditional manual system to have an successful and quicker enrolment operation and to work with as an edge over all their counter.

This examine aims to develop an enrolment system to get Batac Countrywide High School – Poblacion Campus which through the years had been by using a manual means of student enrolment. The analysts will develop a process that can decrease the processing time in order to access records of the college students quickly so that enrollment method will be considerably faster than usual. Enrollees will be more comfy for the machine that research workers will develop as a result of fast and consistent finalizing of schools enrollment program. Researchers from the system...

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