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 Compare and Contrast Article

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Studying literature may be achieved in many different ways and it should ensure that the read accumulate a better understanding of the part. The pieces of literature that I want to examine further will be " The Swimmer” and " Captive on Hell Planet”. Both these short reports contain identical and not thus similar elements of literature. Following reading these stories I gathered it would be far better to compare and contrast the next elements of literary works; writing design, mood, and symbolism. Studying these facets of literature should help me gain a better understanding of both brief stories and hopeful various other stories that we read in the foreseeable future. To begin my own examination of every story, I thought it would be better to look at all the authors and their writing design in increased depth initial.

Writing design is unique to each author and since both reports are authored by different experts it should be simplest to find the different element of publishing style in the first place. As soon as you glimpse over the two texts the differences in writing design are obvious immediately. Skill Spiegelman's " Prisoner about Hell Planet” is described as a animation strip, generally illustrations and extremely few words. This style of articles are particular to Art Spiegelman and that shows a lot of how they can express his writing style through designs. John Cheever, author of " The Swimmer”, provides a unique producing style that expresses thoughts through extensive symbolism and underlying meanings. Throughout the history the private pools, houses and parties are typical representative of an underlying problem of Neddy, the key character. Though, these two writers have very different writing variations, similarities may be drawn together. Both authors express extremely raw and powerful feelings in their producing styles. These types of emotions will be spawned coming from intense incidents and elements of the main character's lives including; losing your mom or struggling with dependency on alcohol. Art Spiegelman shows this kind of through his...

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